Ibis Bracelet

It’s been a while since I covered a ‘rock n roll’ jewellery collection! Due to this prolonged break (and other reasons noted below), I am stoked about this post!

Harakiri Design is a Canadian gender-free jewellery line that’s rough around the edges – for all the right reasons – but gentle and meaningful
inside. The necklaces, earrings and bracelets are mostly inspired by Mother Nature herself, mostly in dead forms, with some pieces having religious inclinations (not my favourite). Regardless of the inspirations, Harakiri detailed designs can’t be messed with. One of my favourite features of the collections is the polished look and feel of certain rough designs. It’s a lovely ambiguity that will allow individuals to wear a shiny, polished shark tooth without hesitation to events that aren’t exactly appropriate for a shark tooth, per se… like work.

Mireille Boucher – the lovely designer superstar – and her work have been featured in numerous magazines and runway shows, and are gaining the respect they, oh so, deserve.


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