Although I’m no longer in school (sigh) I really enjoy back-to-school clothes shopping. At present, I am obsessed with ‘sales’. It’s also quite appropriate given the economic state of most countries and the fact that no matter how badly the economy is doing, women always shop because it makes us feel better.

For the sake of SPIRITUAL SHOPPING, here are my 3 favourite bargain stores:

Winners: Although Winners is always packed with rows of already discounted clothes, many ladies avoid the sales section! I have found everything from Prada to Valentino to Pucci to a $800 white leather Gucci bag, a big one, from 2009. Yes, designer clothes are from a few seasons ago but a well-made blouse is a well-made blouse is a blouse that will be vintage, eventually (if you take care of it)… and everyone goes nuts for vintage luxury brands.

Denise: Not many women know about this store but I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys lovely dresses, skits, blouses, sweaters, etc., etc. My favourite part about this store is the back-end a.k.a the sale section. Mostly everything in Denise is at least $70 (and worth it) but because they get new styles practically every day, they also discount a lot of new clothes on weekly basis!

Urban Outfitters: for my ‘after work’ outfits, I scavenger Urban Outfitters. I enjoy the general atmosphere in the store the most. I find a lot of the clothing either too hipster or too hippie and a lot of the items are a little overpriced for the quality but the sales never fail. I can always find something quirky and cute for $20 and a fun gift too. For those who shop online, UO also has an online ‘sale’ section!


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