I have recently developed a desire to check out vintage i.e. used shops. To my surprise, there are quite a few in Toronto. My favourite two are: REmix and USED – both on Queen St. West

1. USED is a brand new vintage shop with clothes and accessories by designers and just regular cool stuff. Being in love with leather jackets, I could not walk away from a wall of vintage leather jackets from all different eras that weren’t too outdated looking! Their sunglasses are also amazing! I also adore the “new” feeling to the decor of the shop itself. The white walls, lots of space and a fun, fashionable sales girl make USED a vintage gem. (489 Queen St. West. Toronto)

2. REmix Clothing consists of mostly designer clothing and accessories that are more ‘used’ rather than ‘vintage’. None the less, the shop is  a must-go-to for shoeaholics like me. Among rows and walls of beautiful designer heels including McQueen and Chanel there were FINSK shoes (not for sale)! I thought that these works of art only existed in heaven but no… REmix has them on display for everyone to adore! They also have lots of Chanel purses, beautiful silk scarves (Hermes including) and rows of dresses, pants, shirts, blouses and everything else you may want. (639 Queen St. West, 2nd flr, Toronto)

Finsk Shoes on Display at REmix Clothing


One thought on “VINTAGE TDOT

  1. After reading your post I googled Finsk, selected image search and funny enough – your photograph was very close to the top! Congrats for getting into good books in google search indexing!

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