Finally I found a jewellery designer that incorporates my personal and financial life-style in each and every piece. The Toronto-based, Maryan Keyhani is my jewellery pick of the year. I am blown away by the originality, artistry, boldness and self-confidence that clearly shines through each and every design created by Maryam.

There is an insightful article in the Business of Fashion about Maryan, her background and her business vision. She is actually quite a star in the media publishing world and has been written about and featured in many vital fashion glossies.

In this day and age,  most designers have all of their best goodies on display for everyone to see. As a truly original jewellery artist, one runs the risk of being copied quite easily as a result of this. Maryam has found a practical way to avoid copycats by simply requesting individuals to sign up for access to view her current/ upcoming collection online. In addition, all of the online shops that carry her jewellery, are ‘sign-up’ only, as well.

At this time, FW 2011 lookbook is available for everyone to browse and I highly suggest you do so.


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