Watch out Cavalli, there’s a Canadian equivalent of beautiful, nature-inspired prints (based in NYC now, where all the cool kids go). The biggest difference is that JUMA is less flashy and more classy (also won’t break the bank). Cavalli, in my opinion, can be worn only by a handful of women who are fit, tall and usually tanned (it’s hard to pull off busy, colourful prints on all body types). JUMA, on the other hand, is international, understated but very gorgeous, with a unique sense of prints and cuts.

I noticed JUMA couple of years back when I saw one of their scarfs in a boutique on Queen West. I had no idea they (bother and sister master-minds) have a fascinating clothing line for women and men but JUMA is a proclaimed ‘unisex’ brand. None the less, I am still in love with their scarfs. They’re very versatile. You can wear them to work and for a night out. They’re a jewel.

* Photies from Google and Juma’s Facebook page


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