I haven’t written lately for a few reasons one of them being that I haven’t stumbled upon anything that rocked my socks off. I’m glad that this writer’s block was shattered when I read about Jon Gray Handmade Shoes.

This one is definitely for the guys who love comfortable, custom-made, timeless, and posh shoes that will last a life-time but you’re bound to get at least two pairs in your lifetime. I get excited about shoes, yes, but mostly women’s shoes. Not once have I looked at a men’s shoe and was blown away. Jon Gray changed that! These stylishly classic, custom-made creations have a 3/8 of an inch leather insoles, they’re custom-designed and individually hand-crafted by one and only, Jon Gray. They are the Ferrari of men’s shoes.

Now when you think of something this good, it has to come from either France or Italy. I made the same mistake. Jon Gray Handmade Shoes are based in…. wait for it….. Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. If you would like one of his creations and don’t have the ability to visit Nova Scotia, Jon does Skype consultations (how 2011). You can also count on Jon’s shoe making skills as he’s had a lot of training, apprenticeships and educational background in his craft.

Anyways, I just can’t get over the fact that one of the best shoemakers is based in Nova Scotia. These images speak for themselves.

 I believe shoemaking must remain a living craft and not a relic in a museum. My shoes draw on timeless, classic styles, and at the same time are distinctively modern. My shoes are made to be worn, and made to last.” Jon Gray

* Photos:


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