Chelsea Monogrammed Key Accent Clutch

When I fall in love with something, I HAVE to tell the world, every single friend of mine, sit on it for a while, and eventually buy it. This is exactly how I feel towards Divina Denuevo leather goods, especially the edgy leather clutches.

I think leather is one of the most fashionable, practical, long-lasting (if you take care of it) and usually looks better with age products out there.  Victoria Ronco and Dave Kelly, Vancouver-based masterminds behind Divina Denuevo, refurbish leather goods of different leather types and  jewellery antiques for their messenger bags, clutches, bracelets, wallets, key chains, and other goodies, flats including. I adore the rustic, edgy look and feel of their products and can’t wait to get a treat for myself!

Although the line isn’t carried through out Canada, you can order the affordable Divina Denuevo product online. Be prepared to be the centre of attention with this one.


* Images are from Divina Denuevo web-site



2 thoughts on “DIVINA DENUEVO

  1. Nat, thanks so much for writing about us, we’re honoured! We put our heart and soul into creating unique pieces, and we beam with pride whenever we see one of our creations being carried – they are definitely statement pieces.

    As a little gift for writing about us, here’s 10% Off your online order: type in the code “UPCYCLE” when checking out. Feel free to share this with your readers too – and check out our “customer love” program that hooks you up with free leather 🙂

    Thanks again,

    Victoria (& Dave)

    • Victoria, thank you for the lovely gift to my readers and I. I will be in Vancouver at the end of January and can’t wait to get myself one of Divina Denuevo goodies! Super excited!

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