Ladies and gents who are remotely interested in, mostly, Canadian knickknacks, design and fashion attend the One of a Kind (OoaK) show that occurs twice a year. I’ve been going to OoaK in Tdot religiously for the past number of years and now have a group of ‘go to’ booths for jewellery and clothes. None the less, I always make an effort to walk the whole floor and check out what’s new and exciting.

This year, as I skipped this past Christmas OoaK, I was excited to see SCOUT & CATALOGUE. I’ve been reading about the beautifully designed and tie-dyed scarves and  clutches in local fashion magazines, online as well as spotted some creations on Queen St. West… yes, they’re that easily recognizable! Luckily, once I got to the booth, I wasn’t disappointed…. My only disappointment was not buying one of the most stunning, silk scarves with a super unique, silk screening design. The clutches and scarves screamed quality and I have become extremely pro-quality over quantity.

Scout & Catalogue is colour, edge and unique style with a bit of a dark side that makes you mysterious not seem goth.

I seriously fell in love with The Rorschach silk scarf and all the practical clutches. I don’t believe one can have too many unique pieces and if you’re on a hunt for one, check out Scout & Catalogue.

Also, Scout has a BRILLIANT BLOG where you get to experience the insight into the latest and greatest and the inspirations that carry on the design. LOVE IT and I can’t wait to see what’s more to come…. she’s definitely not staying just in Toronto for long.

All images are from Scout & Catalogue web-site and Blog


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