What does it mean to be obsessed? How much is too much? How and when does one know to stop before buying? I have yet to find out answers to these questions, especially when it comes to dresses and shoes. Presently, dresses are very much my thing. I believe a day-time dress is practical, easy to decide on in the morning with 5 minutes left before your bus leaves and you’re once again late for work, comfortable (as long as you buy the right fit and size), can be dressed up and down to be worn at work and for a night out. I have observed that a woman in a dress projects everything from confidence to flirtation to contentment and serenity. Bottom line, I love dresses and I am on a constant search for more.

Eve Gravel, a Canadian designer with fabulous ready-to-wear collections, stole my imagination when I encountered her dresses at the One of a Kind Show 2012. Better yet, when I checked out the web-site and the full SS & FW 2012 collections, I could not help but to feel that ‘need’ that’s a borderline obsession, towards Eve Gravel dresses. Although there are beautiful trousers, blouses, shorts, vests and skirts, to me, Eve’s dresses are everything a girl would want it a dress for everyday life. Also given my love for black, I loved FW 2012 collection.

SS 2012 collection – the fabric is heaven and the fit is perfection

SS 2012 – hello striking power dress

FW 2012 – the insane detail and use of different fabrics is perfection

All images from Eve Gravel web-site


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