JORDAN JOHN: Bier Markt Queensway Grand Opening

I am a sucker for live music. Having been to a fair share of concerts, finding a good gig is tough. It’s especially hard to find a fabulous live show that you can enjoy over a yummy meal.

If you’re a music fan, you have to jazz-out with JORDAN JOHN.

Yesterday, Bier Markt Queensway had a grand opening where I had a tremendous time dancing and listening to the ridiculously talented and humble Jordan John rocking out with his band and special guests including ALANA BRIDGEWATER, who has an incredibly powerful and soulful voice (she’s also a sweetheart), and a prominent blues musician, HARRISON KENNEDY. The restaurant was packed. There were a number of international food stations accompanied by an impressive beer selection. To me, the music was certainly key. The powerful sound that a band including one guitar, bass, drums, keys and horns exudes is irresistible. The vibe between the band members is also something to experience. You should see these guys loving every split second of being on stage, performing, doing what they were destined to. It’s like nothing else in the world mattered but making the sweet sound of music. Everyone in Bier Markt was tapping their feet, snapping fingers and nodding heads. What I don’t understand is why don’t people dance anymore?

Jordan has a pretty busy schedule. You can catch him regularly at numerous Bier Markt locations, which I would highly suggest. On another note, catching at least one of JORDAN’s sets before he permanently begins hanging out with MR. DAVID FOSTER is also a good reason to get out there asap. Yup, Jordan signed a 5 album record deal with the music producer tycoon after Mr. Forster saw footage of Jordan’s opening act for ARETHA FRANKLIN! Need I say more?


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