TRIARCHY: denim for the adventurous

Even though, I haven’t (yet) worn TRIARCHY jeans, once I saw the high-rise skinnies and found out that the brand is based our of Vancouver, I had to comment.

Firstly, if any of you have ever tried a pair, please comment on how awesome and comfy they are.

Secondly, TRIARCHY has a very lovely story of three siblings from different walks of life starting a company and a fashion brand that encompasses all three visions, beliefs and passions into one.

I am attracted to Triarchy, the brand, because of the chic rock-n-roll, refined biker style that’s freeing and timeless.

Being a sucker for the edgier look, I have come across a lot of imitators of the rock-n-roll, worry-free fashion who put a cheap spin on the style. My stance has always been that just cause the idea is  that the final product looks worn in, comfortable and rough, doesn’t mean that the quality of the design and the product itself has to be compromised. Quite frankly, it’s the opposite:  to design, create and produce something brand new with a vintage, timeless and rough vibe, the quality is the number one thing. Not only that, people who live this lifestyle do not compromise on quality, believe me! Long rant short, I feel that TRIARCHY denim offers the quality that I am a sucker and, at the same time, a stickler for. From the gorgeous detailing on the back pockets to the lovely colours of the jeans from the Peru Journal collection to the classic cuts that you know you can wear on a bike and not worry about the discomfort of you-know-what showing (ladies), Triarchy just might be the to-go-to-denim for the edgier, free-spirited souls out there.

Perfect cut men’s and women’s jeans and a custom Triarchy bike – how hot is this shot?!

Trademark ‘T’ on the back pockets of the jeans – classy and luxurious

Love the dark olive / hunter green colour of the skinnies. The shot from the ‘Peru Journal’ cookbook is captivating

Images from www.triarchy,com


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