SARAH PHELPS: abstract artist with flare

SARAH PHELPS is not just an artist, she’s an entrepreneur and she ensures that happiness drives her success in whatever she does, and she certainly does a lot! Sarah has been painting most of her life but she also made a number of interesting career choices including becoming a wildlife biologist, a personal trainer and a wellness coach. I believe that Sarah’s biggest achievement (thus far) is her ability to connect with and inspire people. These traits shine through her abstract paintings. Sarah told me a number of stories when people bought her painting on a whim while she was carrying them or just seeing them online.

“I want people to get something out of my paintings, I want people to love them” – Sarah Phelps

On the topic of where Sarah’s inspiration comes from:

It all happens at that moment, typically nothing is pre-planned. … [The] best pieces are created through frustration. Just when you think you’ve lost it, your frustration pulls you out of it, and a masterpiece is born 🙂 – Sarah Phelps

In the end, the best way to experience art is to check it out yourself. Sarah’s paintings are extremely affordable and, in addition, she commissions pieces to your liking. I also hear that she has very happy customers!

Sarah Phelps in her studio


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