HANNAH GEORGAS if you haven’t heard, you will…

So, I should move to Vancouver because I’ve been inspired, captivated and madly charmed by artists, designers and free-spirits from there. So many of my latest posts have been about creative minds from VanCity. I think it’s an extremely exciting time for these artists and I truly hope they keep it up.

My latest obsession, HANNAH GEORGAS – a 2011 Juno nominee – is on the tipping point. Following Canadian artists, musicians and designers can be a delicate business. Some do well, some disappear, some just hang-out. I’ve had my eye on Hannah since her 2009 Bucky Award win for Best New Artist. None the less, hearing her latest singles, Somebody (free for download on iTunes week of Oct.15.2012), Robotic and Enemies, blew me away.

Even though there are plenty of indie-rock, soft-voiced muses out there, I feel that HANNAH GEORGAS found her voice and sound with her latest self-titled album.

Feist and the likes aren’t competition any longer, they’re comrades. Watch out for this talented beauty.

All images from http://www.hannahgeorgas.com


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