WOLF CIRCUS badass jewellry

WOLF CIRCUS is jewelry made for the hobo-chic, a tad out there and certainly for the bad-ass gals. Based out of Vancouver Island, Wolf Circus was born in 2011 and has been featured in Canadian fashion mags and worn by money cautious trend setters. What’s money have to do with it, you ask? I say: everything! It’s hard to find something affordable and amazing that’s going to last. That said, Wolf Circus also has a higher-end line called GYPSY RIOT that utilized gold- and silver-plated materials but still has the same vibe to it and is very much affordable.

I think this is the most perfect summary of what WOLF CIRCUS is about:

It is jewelry for those without boundaries: tree climbers, ocean swimmers, and heartbreakers. The beautiful, brainy, badass, and bold. It is jewelry intended to help your inner light shine through.

Fishbone Bracelet

How stunning is this Quartz Cluster Ring and it’s only $45.00

Gypsy Riot - Leyla Cluster Crystals

Gypsy Riot – Leyla Cluster Crystals

This is one bada$$ ear cuff

All images from www.wolfcircus.com


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