THE GAY NINETIES: a band, enough said

THE GAY NINETIES are a phych-metal-rock band from Vancouver, BC – honestly, I’m possessed by VanCity talent. A bit of a background about the name from Wikipedia “The Gay Nineties is an American nostalgic term that refers to the decade 1890s.” I guess the boys are as smart as they are talented, passionate and raw.

The Gay Nineties recently released their debut EP “Coming Together” on First Love Records (downloaded for free from their site). I certainly hear a musical kaleidoscope of varied influences in the four-track EP. But, overall, it’s heavily spectacular.

The vocals are piercing, the guitar and drums are nostalgic and the bass is, well, sexy.

These guys have what it takes to be better than The Black Keys (sorry for hurting whoever’s feelings) but the music they create is epic! AND, they seem to have a fabulous scenes of humour and love of mustaches.

Parker Bossley (Guitar & Vocals), Daniel Knowlton (Bass & Vocals), Malcolm Holt (Drums)

Images from The Gay Nineties Facebook page.


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