Alright all you Links of London‘ers and The Great Frog‘ers, you didn’t even know that you’re missing out on a new rock-n-roll, non-commercialized jewellery designer that would make even Ozzy squeal like a little girl. Did I get your attention?
ANDREW FLOYD is a Montreal-based, NYC and Montreal educated (Associate’s Degree in Jewelry Design from NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology and an MFA in Metals and Jewelry Arts from the State University of New York at New Paltz) jewellery designer perfectionist. His jewellery is unisex and Andrew sometimes takes up to a year to design and craft a piece, depending on its complexity. For him, it has to feel right.
For you to feel like a rock-God, you would have to order a piece from ANDREW FLOYD collection and it will be hand-made in Andrew’s studio. I honestly can’t imagine this process being more rock-royalty like. Also, custom orders are welcome, especially if you’re looking for a detail oriented, progressive rock-n-roll piece with Andrew’s twist. Speaking of Andrew’s ‘twists’, the inspiration for his collection comes “from Native American art, rock’n’roll culture and historical jewelry design. Andrew also relies heavily on a lifelong fascination for animal wildlife to push his compositions to their fullest potential.”
FYI: Andrew is also half of the brother-sister designer duo behind ATELIER L.A.F. I already raved about them and you can READ HERE. I also been told hush-hush, more fun stuff is coming! Stay tuned
Images from Andrew Lloyd web-site.

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