THE ENVY: young rock band with mature sound

THE ENVY are a Toronto-based rock band with international sound and appeal. Their first break came in 2011 when they signed with SIMMONS RECORDS (Universal Music Canada). They were actually the first band to sign with the record label. SIMMONS as in Gene Simmons, kinda a big deal, wouldn’t you say? They boys also toured with KISS and you should read the few smashing reviews on iTunes.

Moving past the name dropping, not too long ago, THE ENVY held a release party for their second EP called CONCEPTION at the Mod Club in Toronto. Coming from someone who’s been to her fair-share of live music concerts of all spectrums, THE ENVY has a superiorly mature sound as well as a level of professionalism that goes well beyond what one would expect of a concert paying (only) $10 for cover!

A number of fans got the ‘Fingers Crossed’ logo tattooed. ‘Fingers Crossed’ is a song from DECEPTION EP.

My personal favourite tracks were the slower ones including COLD and UNFAITHFUL that showcase perfectly each individual band members’ talents. The show was a huge hit in my books from the music as well as professionalism perspectives. The boys take their craft very seriously and their raw passion shines through their performance, songs and sound.

As for the CONCEPTION EP, they say:

We are really proud of what came out of it, and we collectively feel like its our most best sounding, most honest work to date.

From the JOURNAL

On a complete side note and a little bit of constructive criticism to The web-site could use a touch of professional graphic design and communication strategy help including consistent colour, working pages and brand consulting; with all due respect, of course.


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