DESIRE mesmerizing electronic band

DESIRE is a mesmerizing, electronic/ synth pop band signed with Italians Do It Better indie dance record label. The (somewhat) Montreal-based band is comprised of three multi-talented artists including Megan Louise (vocals), Johnny Jewel (producer, guitar and synthesizer), and Nat Walker (drums and synthesizer).

DESIRE became known to me through the soundtrack to 2011 thriller DRIVE – one of my fav movies starring Ryan Gosling. Their song, “Under Your Spell” is second on the soundtrack. Not too long ago, being a fan of Kid Cudi’s also, I realized that his “Teleport 2 Me” has a super similar beat that reminded me of “Under Your Spell”. A bit of research and, lo and behold, Kid Cudi sampled DESIRE’s “Under Your Spell”! This particular track was also featured on runways around the world. I hope that this broadens DESIRE’s listeners and fans as the band creates and produces capturing synth pop that’s easy to listen to and never disappointing.

DESIRE‘s new single, “Tears from Heaven” also tickles my musical taste and I’m sure that if you appreciate electronica or want to give it a try, you’ll be captivated by it too. Check out “Tears from Heaven” on YouTube.

Under Your Spell, Single by DESIRE

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