DUY innovative fashion

DUY is a Montreal based label known for innovative, clean as well as sharp tailoring and design that translate into some of the most stunning luxurious ready-to-wear pieces. Duy Nguyen, the designer, was born in Vietnam and raised in Montreal where he is also headquartered.

Hello gorgeous! SS 2013, DUY

It’s simple to see why DUY is a world-class designer and label. Since its establishment in 2001, DUY has continuously evolved, delivered, maintained its key attributes, and shocked. His collections have been inspired by a wide and somewhat random selection of everything from seductiveness of the night to Daphne Guinness to youth and passion of the ocean. Personally, I’ve admired the recent incorporation of feminine and fluid patterns mixed with DUY’s traditional seductive and edgy cuts. The colour palette also seems to have gotten lighter and more diverse with the mix of pastels and brights.  

Stunningly strong silhouette inspired by Daphne Guinness. FW 2011, DUY

I would love to see more of DUY online, in magazines, and on the racks. The stunning and edgy ready-to-wear collections deserve to be flaunted by women and men in Canada and around the world. It would also be of great help to contemporary customers for DUY to become more involved in today’s influential social-media. Check out all of DUY collections since FW 2011 on the site.

From work to a party, can rock this anywhere.            SS 2012, DUY

“This time around, I pushed my boundaries by stepping outside my Femme Fatale comfort zone.” Duy Nguyen FW 2012, DUY

I can’t stop staring at this stunning outfit.          SS 2013, DUY

Flattering, elegant, sophisticated and unique.                  SS 2012, DUY

Images from www.duycollection.com.

PS – Montreal is a serious driving force of Canadian world-class fashion design. Montreal Fashion Week sure is one of my fav hidden gems.


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