EFRAT DEUTSCH is beautifully hand-crafted namesake jewellery line  produced in a  Toronto-based studio by a very personable, creative and passionate goldsmith.
EFRAT who single-handedly produces two collections per year that have been inspired by  nature with  feminine and whimsical designs, was always drawn to a creative career.  “When the time came to decide [what creative career I wanted to pursue], I was torn between studying fashion design or art until I saw a goldsmith working on his bench through the window of a jewelry shop. I was mesmerized by what it takes to actually make a jewelry piece. It made me curious and I wanted to know more about the process. The best part was when I realized that making jewelry combined all the things I love; art, design, and the freedom to experiment.”
EFRAT DEUTSCH moved to Toronto after graduating with a BFA degree from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. After a short stint working on her first collection in a shared jewellery studio, the young designer set up a personal studio where she creates collections as well as custom pieces. You can order custom work by contacting Efrat through her web-site or check out the Etsy store. Also, a few select stores in Canada and United States carry her pieces.
What do you envision for Efrat in the next 5 years?

I envision moving forward. I would like to attend more retail and wholesale shows, keep designing new collections and learn new things on the way. It is important to have a vision for the future, but I also love surprises, which often turn out much better.

One thing that you would like Efrat to be known for and remembered by:

The most important principle in my business is catering to the customer’s individual needs. My clients buy directly from the studio without an intermediary. It makes the purchase much more personal. All the jewelry pieces are handmade and I enjoy all aspects in the creative process of making jewelry. From sketching the design and carving the wax, to setting the stones and polishing the final piece.

Fair trade and craft is key and I would like Efrat Deutsch Jewelry to be known for that.

Images were provided by Efrat Deutsch. Thank you for such a detailed interview!


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