DOM REBEL THREADS state of mind

DOM REBEL THREADS is a Montreal-based men’s fashion label established in 2003 by Don Nguyen and Justin Svatina. The brand’s stance is certainly appealing to men who don’t take no for an answer or care what you think. Intuitively, DON REBEL stands for “Freedom of Mind – Liberty of Thought”, something that the men they cater to certainly relate to.

DOM REBEL means business. Freedom, individuality, rebellion

DOM REBEL also, thankfully, caters to women with the same state of mind. I’m at least one of a million gals who would make DOM REBEL THREADS the clothing of choice after a day’s work. Change into DOM REBEL and you’re that rebel you always knew you were. What caught my attention to the label, other than its rock-edge, was the visible comfort and imperfections of each piece of clothing. Nothing is more attractive than a well put together but carefree guy or gal wearing a tee that’s attention grabbing, humorous yet laid back and doesn’t look anything like the mental (and unattractive) Ed Hardy Miami design.

* All images from DOM REBEL fb.


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