CLAUDIA SCHULZ precious hats

During winter time, having a good hat is precious. However, having a precious hat is difficult. In the last 4 years and since I’ve had short hair, I refused to wear hats because I couldn’t find one that didn’t make me look like a boy. That search is finally over thanks to CLAUDIA SCHULZ.

Claudia Schulz, the milliner behind the namesake artisan hat line, is based in Vancouver but is originally from Berlin, Germany. The second I laid eyes on a  CLAUDIA SCHULZ, I knew I finally found the hat of my dreams – it screams art deco but is contemporary and has an element of humour. As soon as I got one, I loudly and excitingly said “I friggin’ love pom-poms!”… my pom-pom is cheetah print!

All the hats are elegantly designed and crafted, as well as have unique flare and enticing accents. A CLAUDIA SCHULZ hat will make your winter so much sweeter.

All images from Claudia Schulz website.


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