Simon Belanger and Jose Manuel St-Jacques and their UNTTLD fashion label are outcasts. Outcasts rule the world. They imagine, create, inspire, live and dream all in one moment of time. Reality is a concept they understand but don’t live by. There is no way to describe their talent and their work. That’s why UNTTLD is the perfect name for the label.


UNTTLD was born in Montreal but it’s word-wide. I can see how some may confuse UNTTLD with Maison Martin Maguila however, UNTTLD is an evolution, it’s a way of self-expression without consideration of others. It’s freeing for the person who wears it and for the designers who create it.

There are no rules. No names.


UNTTLD offers a deep and diverse selection of fashion comfort that anyone with a fashion sense would appreciate and find something they like. It’s the designers that inspire us to step out of our comfort zone by connecting with their clothes that are most memorable and appreciated. UNTTLD certainly enabled that within me.

Images from UNTTLD web-site.


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