One of my beloved accessories brands originally based in Toronto, SCOUT & CATALOGUE, has moved to Vancouver. The lovely Breanna, who established the label after returning from Mexico in 2009, has decided to move back home and

I want to wish her utmost success, happiness and inspiration in one of the most mesmerizing cities in Canada and the world.

Scout & Catalogue

I always found SCOUT & CATALOGUE  an organic, peaceful yet playful label that’s perfect for women who enjoy, crave and demand freedom. I connected with it right away! Beyond the freeing aspect of S&C lies true passion and dedication to quality, design and uniqueness.


Every S&C scarf is an understated statement piece that will make any woman look like a million bucks without making her feel uncomfortable. For those who live in black, these accessories are a great way to stand out and spice things up .


Right now there’s a SALE online for many may products. Be sure to visit! Also, check our my original post on S&C here.

7758195 BS.BS.05

* All images from S&C web-site.


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