HANNAH GEORGAS if you haven’t heard, you will…

So, I should move to Vancouver because I’ve been inspired, captivated and madly charmed by artists, designers and free-spirits from there. So many of my latest posts have been about creative minds from VanCity. I think it’s an extremely exciting time for these artists and I truly hope they keep it up.

My latest obsession, HANNAH GEORGAS – a 2011 Juno nominee – is on the tipping point. Following Canadian artists, musicians and designers can be a delicate business. Some do well, some disappear, some just hang-out. I’ve had my eye on Hannah since her 2009 Bucky Award win for Best New Artist. None the less, hearing her latest singles, Somebody (free for download on iTunes week of Oct.15.2012), Robotic and Enemies, blew me away.

Even though there are plenty of indie-rock, soft-voiced muses out there, I feel that HANNAH GEORGAS found her voice and sound with her latest self-titled album.

Feist and the likes aren’t competition any longer, they’re comrades. Watch out for this talented beauty.

All images from http://www.hannahgeorgas.com



Gaga move over, let the culture bread on pop music take over the pop music world once again. If you haven’t heard of Charli XCX or her music, you are bound to find out soon. The powerful English dark pop superstar is going far, big and now.

UK has produced yet another music talent authentic and honest to her sound, music, style which she stands true to and, hopefully, won’t sell out unlike the US music counterparts obsessed with talent shows. There are winners and there are losers, Charlie is a winner.

Her debut album may be out at the end of November 2011. For now, get hooked on Charlie XCX by downloading Nuclear Season for free.

COLDPLAY @muchmusic

I was lucky enough to go to a free Coldplay concert at 299 Queen St. W. Apart from not having to wait in a huge line, the best part was the concert itself. The Coldplay boys put on one great show! I can’t wait for Mylo Xyloto album!!!


Chris Stracey and Jack Glass make up the Sydney DJ duo, Bag Raiders. I didn’t realize that I knew them from numerous remixes with artists such as Kid Sister as well as a McDonald’s commercial! I heard them open for Ellie Goulding in Toronto, bought their self-titled debut album and I can’t stop listening to it!

Bag Raiders were the best opening act I’ve ever heard. They were the life of the party, everyone was dancing and barely anyone knew who they were! I find their album inspirational. It’s been a while since I heard beats I could listen to over and over again, not get bored and/or annoyed. I believe this album is one of the best pop/ electro albums of the year. It draws from a variety of upbeat, moving music genres including funk, soul and electric pop. This is a must have!

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Momentum Dance Toronto (MDT) is one of Tdot’s hidden treasures. This fantastic non-profit dance company launched in September 2010, and they have been working VERY hard since to prepare their premiere performance and production, TEMPORADA.  If you are a fan of dance, enjoy supporting local talent, or need to get out of the house, I would highly suggest attending MDT’s premier show April 27th through to April 30th 2011 at the Winchester Street Theatre.  

MDT is a collective of passionate, artistic and professional individuals who have all studied dance in various forms throughout their lives. Many of its dancers have chosen to pursue dance as a career, while others dance for personal joy and self-expression.  Momentum Dance Toronto has provided its members with a creative outlet to keep dance in their lives, while still accommodating their busy schedules.

Their production, TEMPORADA, uses the four seasons as a means to depict the seasons of life, and will feature original works of choreography from a variety of artists, along with special guest performances in their shows.  TEMPORADA celebrates what it is to be human; the joy, the love, the challenges, the loss and the inevitable hope that gives the tempo of life meaning, rhythm and momentum.

Performances run April 27, 28, 29 & 30 at 8 pm, with a matinee performance onApril 30th at 2 pm, at the  Winchester Street Theatre (80 Winchester Street, Toronto).  Tickets are $25 and can be purchased online, by phone: 416.556.5449; or at the door. 

MDT offers dance classes, and if you’re a dancer who through no fault of your own, decided to pursue a different career but want to DANCE, join MDT and continue your passion.


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Integration of fashion with video media has never been an interest of mine. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why houses create, produce and showcase fashion videos. I’ve seen a few and the following always turn me off from watching them: indy music, an over sexualized-skinny model, barely any clothes, and if fashion is showcased, it’s usually very limited.

As always, there are exceptions and I am always open to be proved wrong. Thierry Mugler, a fashion house that in the last few years has come out from the dark 2000’s with the help and obsession of Lady Gaga, has created my favourite fashion video “The Zombie Boy“. How does this relate to In Vogue? The actual Zombie Boy is a Montreal Canadian covered with Zombie/ skeleton-like tattoos, his name is Rick Genest. Lady Gaga has become a fan of his, featured him in her “Born This Way” video and I’m sure influenced Thierry Mugler to feature him in this fashion video.

The Zombie Boy Fashion Video is, currently, the one and only fashion video I watched a couple of times, beginning to end, and really enjoyed everything from the  raw rock music, to the unconventional model to the artistic black and white video to the fact that there is an actual runway fashion featured. This shows that Thierry Mugler and Gaga actually know what they’re doing and leading the fashion industry forward instead of following everyone else.

Rihanna LOUD

I have liked Rihanna’s music since her Rated R album, which got bad reviews but I enjoyed RiRi emerging on her own with a personal style that wasn’t too studio influenced and as a strong female artist.

LOUD has a very different vibe to it, quite dancy with rock and pop influences, BUT there’s a lot of Rihanna’s energy, anger, and strength coming through. With lyrics such as “I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it… sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me” (S&M), the album is also sexually charged. Her vocals have truly blossomed on this album also.

I think that with LOUD, Rihanna found a happy place with music, sound and vibe which probably translated from her more stable personal life. She’s known for expressing her personal affairs through and in her music, that’s also another reason I like her. Very honest.

My favourite tracks: S&M, What’s My Name? ft Drake (super hot song, video in my videos), Cheers, Man Down (a reggae influence is nice to hear), Complicated (amazing vocals), Skin. The CD will put you in a good mood and make you move, in many many different ways.

* Photo:  http://rihannanow.com

N●E●R●D Nothing

One four letter word – love – repeated 50 times and that’s how I feel about N*E*R*D’s new CD, Nothing. This is a collection of 10 tracks that can be listened to anywhere, anytime, no matter what mood you’re in because it’s classic. With only two collaborations on the whole CD with T.I and Nelly Furtado, the CD is unique as every song has its own feel to it. Given that Pharrell is one good looking and stylish man (he brought skinny jeans and Sperry’s a.k.a. white boy look, into the hip-hop world, Lil’ Wayne just copied), his vocals on this album make him more desirable because of his talent.

One thing that is puzzling about the album is the cover… I’m sure it has a political underline to it but why and how it relates to the CD, I don’t get. I also dislike when artists try to express their political beliefs through arts that’s not related to their skill level, such as a politically charged album cover (photography) on an album that has no political reference in the lyrics. I would have much rather preferred N*E*R*D’s faces on it.

I honestly can’t choose my favourite 3 tracks on this CD because all of the songs are my favourite. However, Hypnotize U (Video on the right), has been on repeat in my car and on my ipod for the last 3 days.

N●E●R●D Nothing – Satisfaction Guaranteed

P.S. there are lots of great CDs coming out at this time, be sure to explore the selection. One of my favourite web-sites to get reviews from and see what’s new is Q the Music (Love Links).

ROBYN BODY TALK PT.3: The most killingest pop star on the planet!

Robyn "Body Talk"

My love for Robyn’s music and her general image is indestructible. She’s probably one of the last standing artists that treats her fans with utmost respect. She keeps us updated all the time and actually cares! Below is an amazing e-mail I got from her regarding Body Talk Pt.3 to be released in November.

To listen to Robyn’s tracks, see the art work, and be the first one to know everything, check out her facebook page and her web-site.


Body Talk: Released…

USA – 22nd Nov

Scandinavia – 22nd Nov

Australia – 26th Nov

UK – 29th Nov

Germany – 3rd Dec
I’m going to keep mixing up my tours with studio time and am hoping to stick to this new way of releasing music next year. This is the third, last part and completion of the Body Talk album. It was never my goal to break some kind of a world record in how many songs I could release in a year. Although I think it would count as a pretty good attempt, it’s been about the process for me. It’s been very interesting to try and figure out a more organic way of making music. A way that is unbiased and has it’s starting point in what feels logical to me, but also to the listeners.

Even though it was never a conceptual idea, but a practical solution to the problem of getting bored with just doing one thing at a time, it has influenced not only the music, but all the visual content for the album as well. And the way I’ve communicated with press and listeners. It’s been amazing to share the process with you. As soon as I have had an idea of what I’m doing so have the fans and that interaction has been super interesting and fun to me. As I’m writing this, I am still mixing the third album.
There are 5 new songs ready to be released and I’m also including music from Body talk pt 1 and 2 to complete this body of work in what will make the turbo version of the Body Talk album. Thanks for tagging along with me on this ride!


1. Fembot

2. Don´t fucking tell me what to do

3. Dancing on my own

4. Indestructible

5. Time Machine

6. Love kills

7. Hang with me

8. Call your girlfriend

9. None of dem

10. We dance to the beat

11. U should know better

12. Dance hall queen

13. Get myself together

14. In my eyes

15. Stars 4-ever


//Konichiwa Records HQ

* Photo: Robyn’s facebook fan page


Alphabeat is a Danish 6-piece pop band that has gained quite a following in the UK and all over Europe for all the right reasons. It’s hard to find a more perfect pop band. They’ve got the vocals, great dancing music and the lyrics reminiscent of the 80’s pop/dance craze. I am absolutely in love with every single one of their tracks. This is Alphabeat released in 2007 is a classic pop album and The Beat Is… released in 2009 is an absolutely fabulous, glossy pop-galore of an explosion.

Although it’s hard to choose my favourite tracks, I can’t get the following out of my head: Hole in my Heart, DJ (I could be dancing), The Spell, 10000 nights, Boyfriend.

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