My whole life I’ve lived in countries with proper winter i.e. below zero weather lasting over one month. Few things I’ve learned when it comes to coats:

  1. A coat should be made from lasting fabric and materials
  2. It has to be below your bum and longer
  3. Stay away from white, unless it’s a fancy coat
mush!mush! dressy parkas

mush!mush! Glamorous Dressy Parka comes with a wind-resistant outer shell to wear for the extra-cold days, or to keep snow or freezing rain off the wool.

Canada is the home of anoraks or more commonly known as parkas, and rightfully so. One of the most popular parkas today is Canada Goose, made in Canada and sold all around the world in high-end fashion retailers.  But, what if you want to look different from everyone else? I highly suggest MUSH!MUSH! custom-made parkas for women and children.

How adorable?!?! mush!mush! for kids

How adorable?!?! mush!mush! for kids

MUSH!MUSH! is a Canadian brand that designs and produces authentic Western Canadian Arctic parkas that date “back to the missionaries’ arrival in the region in the mid-1800s.” When you order a MUSH!MUSH! parka online, you will receive a custom-made, elegant, winter-appropriate and long-lasting coat that will leave everyone asking where did you get that from?

mush!mush! wool winter jackets are light enough for early spring with just a t-shirt underneath, fantastic for the fall with a long-sleeved shirt and perfect for most winter days along with a chunky sweater.

mush!mush! wool winter jackets are light enough for early spring with just a t-shirt underneath, fantastic for the fall with a long-sleeved shirt and perfect for most winter days along with a chunky sweater.

One of my favourite things about MUSH!MUSH! is that they are ethically produced and 100% made in Canada by women of Northwest Territories. Additionally, handcrafted and made-to-order fashion is better for our planet over the mass-produced stuff. When you compare cost-wise, a mass-produced Canada Goose will cost you around the same as a handcrafted, durable, and gracefully stylish Canadian MUSH!MUSH!  The brand also meets my three requirements for winter jackets.

mush!mush! traditional parkas fit close to the body for a flattering line with soft fur at the hood and cuffs to keep the wind out.

mush!mush traditional parkas fit close to the body for a flattering line with soft fur at the hood and cuffs to keep the wind out.

* All images from mush!mush web-site.




One of my beloved accessories brands originally based in Toronto, SCOUT & CATALOGUE, has moved to Vancouver. The lovely Breanna, who established the label after returning from Mexico in 2009, has decided to move back home and

I want to wish her utmost success, happiness and inspiration in one of the most mesmerizing cities in Canada and the world.

Scout & Catalogue

I always found SCOUT & CATALOGUE  an organic, peaceful yet playful label that’s perfect for women who enjoy, crave and demand freedom. I connected with it right away! Beyond the freeing aspect of S&C lies true passion and dedication to quality, design and uniqueness.


Every S&C scarf is an understated statement piece that will make any woman look like a million bucks without making her feel uncomfortable. For those who live in black, these accessories are a great way to stand out and spice things up .


Right now there’s a SALE online for many may products. Be sure to visit! Also, check our my original post on S&C here.

7758195 BS.BS.05

* All images from S&C web-site.


Sustainable clothing is an aspect of fashion world that’s becoming increasingly important to many women. It is not a trend, it is not something a designer can whip out and bring forward in one collection and forget about in the next, it’s also not a charitable cause. It is a conscious effort on designer’s behalf to produce clothing made from environmentally friendly materials using socially responsible methods.

atelier b. from SERIE collection, 2012

atelier b. from SERIE collection, 2012

atelier b. is a sustainable Montreal-based clothing line designed by two friends, Catherine Métivier and Anne-Marie Laflamme. The scrap-book like web-site is one of the most feminine and pleasing online communities I’ve had the pleasure exploring in a while.

Love these shorts, a perfect splash of colour for summer. atelier b.

Love these shorts, a perfect splash of colour for summer. atelier b.

ATELIER B. minimalistic but detailed and quality driven clothing is timeless. Many pieces reminded me of Europe and the basic staples that every girl should have like a structured dark dress and a jacket that goes along with everything. Quality in such staples is extremely vital as it’ll be something you will wear at least one a week. The additional benefit that ATELIER B. brings to the table is their passion for sustainable materials and local production that are intertwined with they desire for innovation and quality.

sustainable materials + local production + innovation + quality = ATELIER B.

All images from atelier b. web-site or blog


Simon Belanger and Jose Manuel St-Jacques and their UNTTLD fashion label are outcasts. Outcasts rule the world. They imagine, create, inspire, live and dream all in one moment of time. Reality is a concept they understand but don’t live by. There is no way to describe their talent and their work. That’s why UNTTLD is the perfect name for the label.


UNTTLD was born in Montreal but it’s word-wide. I can see how some may confuse UNTTLD with Maison Martin Maguila however, UNTTLD is an evolution, it’s a way of self-expression without consideration of others. It’s freeing for the person who wears it and for the designers who create it.

There are no rules. No names.


UNTTLD offers a deep and diverse selection of fashion comfort that anyone with a fashion sense would appreciate and find something they like. It’s the designers that inspire us to step out of our comfort zone by connecting with their clothes that are most memorable and appreciated. UNTTLD certainly enabled that within me.

Images from UNTTLD web-site.

PAVONI will leave you speechless


If you haven’t heard of PAVONI, shame on you! The Montreal-based designers, Gianni Falcone and Mike Derderian, create art. After constantly noting PAVONI gowns on red carpets and in magazines, it took a bit of time to figure out that the couture fashion house is Canadian. The elegantly revealing gowns are delicately sharp and superbly fitting. Most of the gowns remind of something Miss Marilyn would wear.

For the first time, I believe that pictures speak louder the words. This is the perfect way to dream and be mesmerized.



* All images from Pavoni Facebook page.

DOM REBEL THREADS state of mind

DOM REBEL THREADS is a Montreal-based men’s fashion label established in 2003 by Don Nguyen and Justin Svatina. The brand’s stance is certainly appealing to men who don’t take no for an answer or care what you think. Intuitively, DON REBEL stands for “Freedom of Mind – Liberty of Thought”, something that the men they cater to certainly relate to.

DOM REBEL means business. Freedom, individuality, rebellion

DOM REBEL also, thankfully, caters to women with the same state of mind. I’m at least one of a million gals who would make DOM REBEL THREADS the clothing of choice after a day’s work. Change into DOM REBEL and you’re that rebel you always knew you were. What caught my attention to the label, other than its rock-edge, was the visible comfort and imperfections of each piece of clothing. Nothing is more attractive than a well put together but carefree guy or gal wearing a tee that’s attention grabbing, humorous yet laid back and doesn’t look anything like the mental (and unattractive) Ed Hardy Miami design.

* All images from DOM REBEL fb.

SOREL footwear offer luxury and functionality

Now that weather in Toronto is getting progressively colder, I’m not wasting any time bringing out my favourite winter boots. Not just any kind of boots, the boots that only Canadian women will proudly wear to the office on a snowy day with a fun pair of tights, A-line grey wool skirt and a beautiful alpaca coat. Yes, I’m talking SOREL. The boots that Santa wears… I’m convinced of that!

SOREL is a true heritage Canadian brand. Established in 1962,

“SOREL brings the spirit and heritage of expertly crafted boots to the modern world of fashion where they inspire a new generation of doers, builders, and creators… SOREL combines felt, wool, premium leather, and flawless construction with people who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty.

There is nothing I admire more in a brand than an exceptionally executed marketing and PR plan. In recent years, SOREL‘s team revived the brand through consistent online, ad and social media campaigns, contests, sponsorships and partnerships. The luxurious yet down to earth “Get Your Boots Dirty” campaign attracts precisely the kind of attention that many hardy clothing and shoe companies have difficulty obtaining i.e. femininity, class, and luxury are not compromised while wearing a functional, flat boot. Also, yesterday, SOREL announced that they “will be the official footwear partner of the 2012 Whistler Film Festival.” Being a hip, winter-loving Canadian has never been better.

Love these, perfect for absolutely anything winter will throw your way… and then some!

Something very original from SOREL

Staying true to my natural attraction to high heels, I cannot resist there SOREL Medina rain heel boots. And you were constantly told that comfort and fashion don’t mix…ha!

* Images from SOREL fbnews release, and web.

ANASTASIA LOMONOVA a fashion design rock star

ANASTASIA LOMONOVA has a unique story and a unique namesake label. Born in Ukraine, raised in Cyprus and now lives in Montreal, ANASTASIA is an enigma that’ll keep you guessing fashion show after fashion show.

One common thread since the establishment of the namesake label in 2007, has been dedication to showcasing a creative vision that’s independent of popular trends. For example, both SS and FW 2012 collections lack the widespread inclination of the overwhelming use of colour. As much as I enjoy including colour in everyday wardrobe, there’s something to be said for an impactful dress in a neutral palette that can be worn casually or dressed up with statement jewellery pieces for a night out.

ANASTASIA LOMONOVA also brings a lot of unconventional structure to her collections, mixing fabrics, playing with shapes and different shades of neutrals. Her work seems contradicting when romantic influences are combined with dark colours and flowy shapes are actually superbly structured designs. That said, the collections still feel emotional, elegant, stimulating, and created for ambitious women.

Check out the online boutique, or contact Anastasia directly for custom order pieces through her web-site.

All images from Anastasia Lomonova web-site.