I caught a case of a crazy travel-mania and now planning my annual BIG trip to where I’ve never been before, Thailand this year! Big thing about travelling is that you don’t want to bring a huge suitcase that weighs as much as what’s in it. So, I always resort to duffel bags and backpacks.

HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO., a now famous Vancouver-based company, are at the top of my list for easy-to-travel-with bags and accessories.  They look stunner without being too fancy which is never a good thing while travelling as you don’t want to end up without your luggage.

Perfect travelling backpack that'll lined with HERSCHEL's signature coated cotton-poly fabric, contoured shoulder straps, fully padded/fleece lined 15" computer sleeve pocket, magnetic closure

Perfect travelling backpack that’s lined with HERSCHEL’s signature coated cotton-poly fabric, contoured shoulder straps, fully padded/fleece lined 15″ computer sleeve pocket, magnetic closure

The durable, distinct and practical design of HERSCHEL bags is accompanied by a great story of two brothers, Lydon and Jamie Cormack, starting the label in 2009 and naming it after a Canadian town that their parents immigrated to from Scotland. I have to give it to them that history is so vital is building a brand and remembering where you come from. The heritage aspect of HERSCHEL is noticeable in everything the company puts forth for the consumers.


Images from web-site and Facebook.


OFFAL GOODS bow ties

Bow ties are the it accessory I’ve been overhearing everyone talk about. Perfect for the holiday season, OFFAL GOODS bow ties are exactly what’s on everyone’s mind.

Offal Goods

Hand made, one at a time in Edmonton, Alberta, OFFAL GOODS are focused on:

detail, fit, and feel Offal Goods is a modern homage to the classic, tried, and true.

And that they deliver. The versatile and fun collection suits a tough guy as well as a hipster, a perfect gift for a dude, if you ask me.

All images from Offal Goods web-site.

DOM REBEL THREADS state of mind

DOM REBEL THREADS is a Montreal-based men’s fashion label established in 2003 by Don Nguyen and Justin Svatina. The brand’s stance is certainly appealing to men who don’t take no for an answer or care what you think. Intuitively, DON REBEL stands for “Freedom of Mind – Liberty of Thought”, something that the men they cater to certainly relate to.

DOM REBEL means business. Freedom, individuality, rebellion

DOM REBEL also, thankfully, caters to women with the same state of mind. I’m at least one of a million gals who would make DOM REBEL THREADS the clothing of choice after a day’s work. Change into DOM REBEL and you’re that rebel you always knew you were. What caught my attention to the label, other than its rock-edge, was the visible comfort and imperfections of each piece of clothing. Nothing is more attractive than a well put together but carefree guy or gal wearing a tee that’s attention grabbing, humorous yet laid back and doesn’t look anything like the mental (and unattractive) Ed Hardy Miami design.

* All images from DOM REBEL fb.

SOREL footwear offer luxury and functionality

Now that weather in Toronto is getting progressively colder, I’m not wasting any time bringing out my favourite winter boots. Not just any kind of boots, the boots that only Canadian women will proudly wear to the office on a snowy day with a fun pair of tights, A-line grey wool skirt and a beautiful alpaca coat. Yes, I’m talking SOREL. The boots that Santa wears… I’m convinced of that!

SOREL is a true heritage Canadian brand. Established in 1962,

“SOREL brings the spirit and heritage of expertly crafted boots to the modern world of fashion where they inspire a new generation of doers, builders, and creators… SOREL combines felt, wool, premium leather, and flawless construction with people who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty.

There is nothing I admire more in a brand than an exceptionally executed marketing and PR plan. In recent years, SOREL‘s team revived the brand through consistent online, ad and social media campaigns, contests, sponsorships and partnerships. The luxurious yet down to earth “Get Your Boots Dirty” campaign attracts precisely the kind of attention that many hardy clothing and shoe companies have difficulty obtaining i.e. femininity, class, and luxury are not compromised while wearing a functional, flat boot. Also, yesterday, SOREL announced that they “will be the official footwear partner of the 2012 Whistler Film Festival.” Being a hip, winter-loving Canadian has never been better.

Love these, perfect for absolutely anything winter will throw your way… and then some!

Something very original from SOREL

Staying true to my natural attraction to high heels, I cannot resist there SOREL Medina rain heel boots. And you were constantly told that comfort and fashion don’t mix…ha!

* Images from SOREL fbnews release, and web.

CODOGNATO and FABERGÉ masterpiece come back

CODOGNATO and FABERGE are European luxurious jewellery houses known to and accessible by the wealthiest aristocrats for the past century.

The famous Faberge Imperial Eggs

The famous Faberge Imperial Eggs

Most fascinating thing about CODOGNATO and FABERGE are their rich histories filled with mysteries, scandals, financial hardship, and, of course, the rich and the famous. Both houses date from late 1800’s. FABERGE closed its production in 1917 when the head designer, Peter Carl Fabergé, fled to Germany during the Russian Revolution. The house has re-established its name after opening a boutique in Geneva in December 2009. CODOGNATO opened it’s doors in 1866 by Simeone Codognato and to this day serves its prestige customers in the same, hidden boutique in Venice, Italy.

Some may run, some may stay, some can't stop staring. By Codognato

Some may run, some may stay, some can’t stop staring. By Codognato

Both houses are extremely exclusive, which plays a huge part in our fascination with them. CODOGNATO launched a web-site for the first time in 2012, doesn’t have a Twitter or a Facebook account, and is unreachable unless you visit Italy.  FABERGE is more ‘socially friendly’ but to be able to see their latest collections online in full, one has to create an account. In addition, purchasing an exclusive FABERGE also requires a trip to Geneva or you can choose for them to fly to see you!

Faberge fabulously incorporates sketching and their luxurious pieces throughout the site.

Faberge fabulously incorporates sketching and their luxurious pieces throughout the site.

FABERGE has become one of the to-go-to luxurious jewellery houses for those who can at least borrow it for editorials, red-carpets and fabulous galas. CODOGNATO, on the other hand, being very mysterious and dark when it comes to its one-of-a-kind, vintage luxury jewellery pieces, I see being appreciated by avant-garde collectors. The house has never been interested in flaunting its history and fame by advertising. Even without it, they attract names including Nicole Kidman, Liz Taylor, and the late Jackie Kennedy and Coco Chanel, without much difficulty.

*Images from Codognato and Faberge web-sites.