You saw/ heard it on In Vogue first! My sunshine of a friend, Amy, who knows more people than this planet can handle, emailed me a link last week.

In love I am, “MICHI is an edgy, fashion-forward, utilitarian active lifestyle brand…. originated from the desire to fill the gap between provocative, glamorous lingerie and comfortable, utilitarian athletic wear”. Think of MICHI as the La Perla of active-wear that could technically be worn as statement clothing (certain pieces anyways), but I’m sure it won’t be as expensive.

MICHI is based in Tdot, not being distributed yet, but the potential is gigantic! I truly love MICHI’s Fall 2011 Collection, and its detail oriented approach to active lingerie that you wouldn’t mind peeking from under your top. The most difficult will be creating and manufacturing the same or better designs and quality, collection after collection which, I’m certain, will happen.

I’m very thankful to Amy for sending me the link and telling me a little bit about the fabulous designer, Michelle Watson, over drinks, of course.

* Photos from MICHI


DEMO SOAP: Feed Your Skin

Demo Mango Soap

All ladies and gents enjoy going to the spa (you don’t have to admit it, but you do). But there are always days when you’d much rather have your own spa experience at home. The at-home-spa experience can be enhanced with amazing bath products. Demo, a natural and hand crafted soap and bath product line out of Toronto, is absolutely fabulous for those who enjoy having affordable luxurious bath products at home.

I ran into Demo in the Distillery District on a sunny Saturday morning, but their main studio is located in the Liberty Village (171 East Liberty St. Suite 123). Their soaps are one of the best, if not the best, for my sensitive skin – they’re made from 100% vegetable oil-based glycerine. They all smell delicious, ranging from pleasantly fruity (mango and grapefruit) to classically natural (orchid and spearmint) to cake-a-licious (caramel and coffee brownie). In addition, the smart design and shapes of every single product is guaranteed to put a smile on your face (they would also make for amazing gifts). I have to add that Demo is not only for women. The soaps made with essential and fragrance oils such as sandalwood, cucumber and pomegranate would appeal to guys.

Check out Demo online (post links) and be sure to visit their studio! I will defiantly gift their products for any occasion.

PILATES: Lori Kirwan

Lori Kirwan, photo by Andrei Kalamkarov

Going back 6 weeks, I knew nothing about Pilates, now I don’t think I can survive without it. The wonderful, all-over inner body pain that you get just after one Pilates class is enough to know that it truly works. Of course, an educated, personable and pleasantly tough instructor is a must. As per my Power Yoga obsession, LORI KIRWAN is an ideal Pilates instructor (actually she’s an ideal instructor period). Lori invited me to take one class with her to see if I’d be interested in coming back. I seriously could not pass on an opportunity like that! Prior to my first Pilates class, Lori  sent me an article she wrote on the benefits of Pilates . Although the reading did help to understand the history and gave me an overall understanding of Pilates, what my body went through an hour of my very first class is tough to describe. For someone who exercises on regular basis, I was very sore for 3 days after the class.

Although Pilates frenzy has calmed down in the last couple of years, I’m a firm believer that the inner core body strength is one of the main components to life’s longevity, energy and happiness.

If you’re in Tdot and are interested in taking any of Lori’s classes, visit her web-site , POOL OF SWEAT, and e-mail her.  Also check out my post on Lori’s Power Yoga too.

* Photo: http://photos.andreikalamkarov.com/v/people/model/IMG_8267_sm_001.jpg.html

ART SQUARE gallery & cafe

Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese

The constant love-hate relationship with restaurant and take-out food is finally over, for me anyways. Recently, I discovered that my body is able to emotionally thank me for the food I fuel it with. Last week, I spontaneously decided to get lunch at Art Square Gallery & Cafe (334 Dundas St. W, opposite the AGO).  It is a bit unorthodox to order food at an art gallery but since I’m not religious and enjoy most things eccentric, I briskly hopped into Art Square with a friend for lunch. And boy, am I ever grateful that I did!

Chicken with Dark Chocolate & Tea

The menu is extraordinary and will surely excite your taste buds. The menu, consisted of savory and sweet crepes (buckwheat or unbleached flour), organic teas, coffees and hot chocolate, as well as liquor (mostly used as an ingredient in sweet crepes and specialty coffees), was quite exciting as it reveals all the ingredients that make up every single dish, even the ingredients that the crepes and sauces are made of are noted on the menu! This way you know you’re getting quality food. Also, the kitchen is wide open, another great sign of a good restaurant/ cafe that has nothing to hide. Any who, back to the food… the savory crepes are my favourite especially the buckwheat crepe with grilled chicken and Mayan organic dark chocolate (my lunch, and also a dream come true) and buckwheat crepe with smoked salmon and goat cheese (friend’s lunch). Both were served with an organic greens salad that was perfectly dressed. The teas are exceptional as well! They come in a mini teapot that steeps loose tea leafs, berries, blossoms, dried fruit, petals and other additions depending on the type of tea you would like.

Art Square Gallery & Cafe

You can pretty much bet that the food at Art Square is as unique and original as one of Christian Dior Haute Couture gowns, and this applies to everything on the menu!

Art Square cafe is a breath of fresh air when it comes to food. You know what you’re eating and after your meal, your body truly feels revitalized. I’ve never had a vitamin make me feel as great as the food at Art Square.  I will also go as far as to say that after my lunch, I felt happier than I did after a recent purchase of a new pair of gorgeous and absolutely fabulous Ralph Lauren high heels (this is a shocking realization even for me).

Curious to see the menu? Visit Art Square web-site in the Links section.

POWER YOGA: Lori Kirwan


* Lori Kirwan Photo by Andrei Kalamkarov


My newest obsession is a Power Yoga class taught by Lori Kirwan. A friend and I religiously attend it, and recruit others to come and try as well. A couple of months ago, I was literally dragged to take Lori’s class. I didn’t think I would enjoy it since I’m not a yoga fan, but was I ever wrong! I love Power Yoga for two reasons: first, it is an intense yoga class that has helped to relieve my constant shoulder tension and has made it easier for me to run, second, Lori is fabulous. She is a world-class instructor who is exceptionally great at her craft. She has a PhD in Exercise Physiology from University of Toronto (a big deal if you ask me), she’s a spokesperson for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, she has written numerous articles for well-known exercise and nutrition magazines, and, as mentioned previously, a great instructor and person. I enjoy her way of teaching since she always changes the routine and challenges her students by regularly adding new exercises. 

 Since spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner, I would like to encourage you to try something new and different that will benefit your body and mind long-term. After all, you may find your new passion (just like I’ve found Power Yoga) or at least you can be 100% sure you don’t like a particular exercise. However, it’s important to be dedicated and not to give up (which most of us do especially when it comes to regular exercise). If you don’t like what you’ve tried, reward yourself for the attempt, but then try something else until you finally discover what you can add to your routine and thus diversify it. Once you find that special something, stick to it. I find that going with a friend and having a good instructor are enough for me to keep going. I’m sure that with a little dedication, you’ll be able to find routines you can stick to.  In addition, continue trying and doing new things. 

 If you ever get a chance to take one of Lori’s classes, please do! Here is Lori’s web-site with class schedule, her bio, articles, and a blog. http://poolofsweat.com/ 

I also want to thank Andrei Kalamkarov for letting me use one of his stunning photos of Lori. 

* Photo: http://www.andreikalamkarov.com/, Apr.27.10.