Massimo Gammacurta

A very talented still photographer, Massimo Gammacurta, has published a stunning coffee table book titled “lolli-pop”. It is a collection of stunning and delicious photos of luxury brand logos including Dior, Nike, Chanel, Apple to name a few, made into lollipops…. yum! Definitely a conversation starter and a calorie free delight.

Massimo is a renowned Italian photographer who has worked with a number of magazines and companies, as well as won many awards. His style is quite distinct as his goals are to colourfully shock his viewers and to view everyday things from a different point of view. Some of his work is controversial however it’s classy, contemporary, creative and stunning.

Check out his other work on his site (links section).


NUVO MAGAZINE: Inspired By Quality

There are a number of things that make a good magazine: creative photos and spreads, interesting writers who transform general information into enthusiastic stories, a fabulous editor and, most importantly, a fine balance between the magazine’s commercial and real aspects that are relative to the reader while at the same time inspirational and dreamy. 

 At the beginning of 2010 (I can’t believe it took me that long), I discovered a Canadian magazine that encompasses all the things that make a fabulous read on the public transport, at a cottage, in a waiting room, even in bed as a nightcap. NUVO, a luxury Vancouver based magazine that’s published every quarter, is 

Summer '10 Issue, photograph by Norman Wong


what I look forward to most these days. By a ‘luxury magazine’ I mean that the things an average individual would read about in NUVO, he or she would be unable to afford. None the less, NUVO is NOT pretentious, arrogant or vulgar, it is actually quite the opposite. I have yet to read a magazine (and I’ve been a devoted Vogue reader for almost a decade) that is as interesting, intriguing and inspiring as NUVO. The stories covered range from new luxury car releases such as the 2011 Aston Martin Rapide, to a personal and enlightening article on Michael Kors in relation to his stores popping up all over Canada, to a fascinating travel story about Andorra, a country in south-western Europe, that will capture anyone’s imagination, even if one may never have a chance to visit it. Overall, NUVO’s brilliant writers cover a very wide range of stories with an in-depth knowledge of the past, present and future of whatever they’re writing about. This makes each article informative, exciting and motivating, even if you’re not interested in the topic. I also have to mention the breathtaking photography and creative and fun illustrations that every issue is full of from beginning to end. In addition, although this may come as a surprise especially to those of us who mostly read fashion glossies, NUVO is more dedicated to the quality of its articles and spreads than getting funds from the advertisements. Thus, there are not too many ads, and the ones that are featured are beautiful. 

Overall, NUVO is an appealing magazine to both men and women that creates a great escape from everyday life. After all, that’s what a good book should be about, why can’t a magazine deliver the same? LOVE NUVO (I do have to mention once again that it’s Canadian)!