Canada is a land of opportunity to many. It is incredibly fulfilling, joyous and touching to learn of a foundation with a cause, passion, talent and desire to give back because we live in a land of opportunity that only a fraction of the world’s population gets to indulge in.

OBAKKI FOUNDATION is a Vancouver-based, fashion forward foundation that uses creativity and insightful story-telling as the driving force behind raising funds towards clean water and education in third world countries. 100% of their proceeds go directly to the cause (I have requested information from CharityIntelligence.ca to confirm). OBAKKI DESIGN, the creative extension of the foundation, produces truly exceptional and statement-making clothing used to fundraise. “Obakki Designs absorbs all of the administrative fees, from business cards to travel expenses, so that 100% of all public donations and 100% of net profits generated from Obakki sales can go directly to our humanitarian projects.”

Whether you buy Obakki product or make a donation to the Foundation, you know your money is going where it’s needed right now.

F/W 2012 Obakki Collection inspired by their efforts to drill water wells in South Sudan

F/W 2012 Obakki Collection inspired by their efforts to drill water wells in South Sudan

I highly suggest checking out OBAKKI F/W 2012 lookbook modelled by a Sudanese stunner and a captivating story narrating beautiful and flattering clothing.


Obakki Signature Scarf. Purchase it through Obakki webstore for $29.00, send a pick to @Obakki with hashtag: #Create4Change


All images from Obakki web-site


ANNE SPORTUN EXCLUSIVE, part 2: custom jewellery

ANNE SPORTUN‘s design and creative process is unique, stylish and contemporary which is also embodied in her jewelry. In addition to the pieces you can find in the flagship store (742 Queen St. W., Toronto) and online, ANNE and her team also accommodate customers in one of a kind, custom jewelry. And, they have truly perfected the art of custom jewellery creation with utmost success.

Anne Sportun One of a Kind ring

Who wouldn’t adore a ring that combines the memories of your grandmother’s engagement ring, your mom’s elegant flare and your own personal style? However, looking for a trustworthy designer who can hand-hold you through the delicate process of creating something new from something sentimental is a thought not many of us are comfortable with.

Luckily, ANNE SPORTUN and her team have been assisting customers with designing pieces for their new beginnings (engagement, wedding, new job, tax-return, new wedding, divorce) for a long time. From the moment you walk into the flagship boutique, you will be accommodated by caring staff with in-depth understanding of jewelry as well as customers needs. They  are extremely accommodating, understanding and hard working. For example, ANNE SPORTUN’s team worked with a passionate, young professional on designing a ring that incorporated stones from the rings that she already owned. Completely understanding the monetary hardships of  a young professionals, ANNE’s team also credited the young woman for the precious metals in the rings that she no longer wanted (she actually got rid of all the rings from her previous boyfriends!).

Working with Anne Sportun was amazing. Fantastic experience for me the whole process. The ladies were always really helpful and always cheerful. It was a long process due to my end but they were never anything but amazing. I am really happy I had this experience with them and have an incredibly ring I havent taken off since I picked it up at their store. Couldnt have better things to say about a company.

Just one satisfied customer that was more than happy to provide feedback to me when I e-mailed her!

For those looking for the perfect engagement ring, ANNE offers something called a ‘Presentation Ring‘. The lucky guy is assisted in choosing an ANNE SPORTUN design that he believes his future wife would love. He proposes with the ring and, if the lucky girl believes that she would like something different, the couple can return to the store to either choose a different design or a custom order. Read further about the Presentation Ring on ANNE SPORTUN’s blog.

One of my favourite custom ring ideas is the “new beginnings” ring. The idea behind it being that a fashionable woman who passionately decided to move on with a new life after marriage, works with ANNE to design and create a new ring for herself from pieces of the old one! It’s brilliant to be this accommodating and understanding of today’s desires and needs of everyday women.

Ladies and gents, go mad with investing ‘portable wealth’ that will not only increase in value but will bring you joy!

Also, check out the original Anne Sportun post and Anne Sportun Exclusive, part 1.

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Images provided by Anne Sportun’s marketing team. Thank you!

ANNE SPORTUN EXCLUSIVE, part 1: drawing inspiration

ANNE SPORTUN creates a world beyond jewellery design. This world entails exquisite pieces of luxury, vintage glamour, distinctive taste and fine exclusivity. The talented and successful Torontonian and a fine jewelry designer, together with her business partner, Barb, have built a mini empire of talented goldsmiths, marketers and PR members that all share passion for stunning, nature-inspired and unique rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Wrap Bracelets have been incredibly popular with Anne’s customers.

It is highly admiring that Anne has created thousands of pieces of jewellery, and to this day, her every ring, bracelet, engagement ring, earrings, and necklace are as creative, contemporary, and wearable as the very first one. The shapes are organic and inviting, the precious and semi-precious stones are cut with care and delicately placed in their setting such that you don’t ever want to take ANNE’s jewellery off. The talent to connect with elegant and progressive women speaks volumes about Anne’s creative vision and ability to connect with her customers.

I haven’t seen earrings this stunning, elegant, intricate and unique in a very long time. My short hair would adore to accompany these pieces of art!

Unlike most designers, ANNE does not design and produce jewellery ‘collections’ in the traditional sense of the term. She wants to ensure that her stunning designs captivate the customer’s imagination in the same way that she felt when she was inspired to design a specific ring, earring, bracelet, and necklace. In this respect, her marketing team certainly have a challenge on their hands, none the less, her creative, untraditional approach ensures the pieces are at their best each and every time.

The closest ANNE has to a ‘collection’ is a number of pieces that share a cohesive idea and a vision. For example, the FLOW COLLECTION was designed with the following inspiration:

The Flow collection is smart, simple and distilled. The collection’s elegance reveals itself in a natural form with a delicate movement and sparkle, denoting the preciousness, and flow of everyday life.”


The Flow Collection

The Flow Collection

Images provided by Anne’s lovely marketing team.

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TRIARCHY: denim for the adventurous

Even though, I haven’t (yet) worn TRIARCHY jeans, once I saw the high-rise skinnies and found out that the brand is based our of Vancouver, I had to comment.

Firstly, if any of you have ever tried a pair, please comment on how awesome and comfy they are.

Secondly, TRIARCHY has a very lovely story of three siblings from different walks of life starting a company and a fashion brand that encompasses all three visions, beliefs and passions into one.

I am attracted to Triarchy, the brand, because of the chic rock-n-roll, refined biker style that’s freeing and timeless.

Being a sucker for the edgier look, I have come across a lot of imitators of the rock-n-roll, worry-free fashion who put a cheap spin on the style. My stance has always been that just cause the idea is  that the final product looks worn in, comfortable and rough, doesn’t mean that the quality of the design and the product itself has to be compromised. Quite frankly, it’s the opposite:  to design, create and produce something brand new with a vintage, timeless and rough vibe, the quality is the number one thing. Not only that, people who live this lifestyle do not compromise on quality, believe me! Long rant short, I feel that TRIARCHY denim offers the quality that I am a sucker and, at the same time, a stickler for. From the gorgeous detailing on the back pockets to the lovely colours of the jeans from the Peru Journal collection to the classic cuts that you know you can wear on a bike and not worry about the discomfort of you-know-what showing (ladies), Triarchy just might be the to-go-to-denim for the edgier, free-spirited souls out there.

Perfect cut men’s and women’s jeans and a custom Triarchy bike – how hot is this shot?!

Trademark ‘T’ on the back pockets of the jeans – classy and luxurious

Love the dark olive / hunter green colour of the skinnies. The shot from the ‘Peru Journal’ cookbook is captivating

Images from www.triarchy,com

JENNY BIRD: accessories to be proud of

JENNY BIRD  is a Canadian accessories sweetheart. The inspiration for her collections mostly come from the streets of NYC and Toronto (where her studio is located) and her personal love of the “indie-luxe” style. Most impressive is that she’s self-taught in jewelry design which shows how far passion and dedication can take someone.

It’s admiring that Jenny’s creations have been worn by supah-stars including Anna Dello Russo and Shania Twain. Her bags and jewelry pieces have been featured in numerous magazines as well. Although in today’s fashion business environment the survival of any brand is very much defined by its success in the media, to me, Jenny Bird is defined by world-wide sexappeal together with fabulous quality and its affordability. With Jenny’s passion driving the Jenny Bird brand bus, I hope to see the accessories become a staple in every woman’s jewelry box for ages to come.

It’s certainly an accessory brand that every girl would be proud to have in her collection.

Love these Earth Angel earrings! They are just darling

Chain mail bracelet – totally fits my style

All images from www.jenny-bird.com



I believe there are 3 levels of shoe aficionadas (aficionados). Level 1: Shoe crave – You no longer buy ‘basic’ shoes and begin exploring shapes and colours, you feel very comfortable wearing ‘unusual’ (to the general public) shoes in public and love it! Level 2: Shoe addict – your addiction reached a level where your shoe boxes have [a lot] of specially dedicated space, you take pride that you have a shoe for every possible outfit and/or occasion but you can’t stop buying more and save for designer pieces. Level 3: Shoeasidal – when buying shoes no longer means you need to wear them, collecting shoes becomes an addiction and an art source.

I am somewhere between Level 2 and Level 3.  Anastasia Radevich – Canadian native with international experience and an out of this world creative mind – is one designer that makes me shoeasidal.

All images from Anastasia’s Facebook


What does it mean to be obsessed? How much is too much? How and when does one know to stop before buying? I have yet to find out answers to these questions, especially when it comes to dresses and shoes. Presently, dresses are very much my thing. I believe a day-time dress is practical, easy to decide on in the morning with 5 minutes left before your bus leaves and you’re once again late for work, comfortable (as long as you buy the right fit and size), can be dressed up and down to be worn at work and for a night out. I have observed that a woman in a dress projects everything from confidence to flirtation to contentment and serenity. Bottom line, I love dresses and I am on a constant search for more.

Eve Gravel, a Canadian designer with fabulous ready-to-wear collections, stole my imagination when I encountered her dresses at the One of a Kind Show 2012. Better yet, when I checked out the web-site and the full SS & FW 2012 collections, I could not help but to feel that ‘need’ that’s a borderline obsession, towards Eve Gravel dresses. Although there are beautiful trousers, blouses, shorts, vests and skirts, to me, Eve’s dresses are everything a girl would want it a dress for everyday life. Also given my love for black, I loved FW 2012 collection.

SS 2012 collection – the fabric is heaven and the fit is perfection

SS 2012 – hello striking power dress

FW 2012 – the insane detail and use of different fabrics is perfection

All images from Eve Gravel web-site


Ladies and gents who are remotely interested in, mostly, Canadian knickknacks, design and fashion attend the One of a Kind (OoaK) show that occurs twice a year. I’ve been going to OoaK in Tdot religiously for the past number of years and now have a group of ‘go to’ booths for jewellery and clothes. None the less, I always make an effort to walk the whole floor and check out what’s new and exciting.

This year, as I skipped this past Christmas OoaK, I was excited to see SCOUT & CATALOGUE. I’ve been reading about the beautifully designed and tie-dyed scarves and  clutches in local fashion magazines, online as well as spotted some creations on Queen St. West… yes, they’re that easily recognizable! Luckily, once I got to the booth, I wasn’t disappointed…. My only disappointment was not buying one of the most stunning, silk scarves with a super unique, silk screening design. The clutches and scarves screamed quality and I have become extremely pro-quality over quantity.

Scout & Catalogue is colour, edge and unique style with a bit of a dark side that makes you mysterious not seem goth.

I seriously fell in love with The Rorschach silk scarf and all the practical clutches. I don’t believe one can have too many unique pieces and if you’re on a hunt for one, check out Scout & Catalogue.

Also, Scout has a BRILLIANT BLOG where you get to experience the insight into the latest and greatest and the inspirations that carry on the design. LOVE IT and I can’t wait to see what’s more to come…. she’s definitely not staying just in Toronto for long.

All images are from Scout & Catalogue web-site and Blog


A few hours ago I landed in Tdot from beautiful Buenos Aires and couldn’t wait to write something about TRAMANDO – a “very cool” Barcelona based label created by Argentinian Martin Churba, as explained to me by a concierge of the one and only Alvear Palace Hotel.

In addition to being ‘very cool’, Tramando is edgy, creative, feminine, futuristic, provocative and wearable – everything I would possibly want in a label. I visited Tramando’s shop in Recoleta, BA the second day of my trip, fell in love with a dress, and only wish the rest was history. They didn’t have my size and I’ve been dreaming of this dress ever since. As I wasn’t able to purchase my dream and post a photo, I’m left with taking images off of Facebook and Google.







Chelsea Monogrammed Key Accent Clutch

When I fall in love with something, I HAVE to tell the world, every single friend of mine, sit on it for a while, and eventually buy it. This is exactly how I feel towards Divina Denuevo leather goods, especially the edgy leather clutches.

I think leather is one of the most fashionable, practical, long-lasting (if you take care of it) and usually looks better with age products out there.  Victoria Ronco and Dave Kelly, Vancouver-based masterminds behind Divina Denuevo, refurbish leather goods of different leather types and  jewellery antiques for their messenger bags, clutches, bracelets, wallets, key chains, and other goodies, flats including. I adore the rustic, edgy look and feel of their products and can’t wait to get a treat for myself!

Although the line isn’t carried through out Canada, you can order the affordable Divina Denuevo product online. Be prepared to be the centre of attention with this one.


* Images are from Divina Denuevo web-site