THE AIRPLANE BOYS are the next biggest sensation coming out of Toronto. The BOYS, Beck Motley and Bon Voyage, along with their crew, are destined to blend boundaries between musical hierarchies while revealing sophistication beyond their years.

Listening to their latest album, Alignment, I was hit with an overwhelming amount of music genres that not many can mix well, like synthpop and hip-hop, rock and house, jazz and dubstep, along with rap and pop. They truly carved out and revealed their creative vision of music. It’s only a matter of time for them to perfect, evolve and culturally impact the international music scene. I can’t imagine the music community not appreciating THE AIRPLANE BOYS. Be prepared to hear more and more of these young guns.

WATCH: Beau Monde

LISTEN: Dictate

WATCH: Parachutes

Cover of Alignment album by The Airplane Boys


METRIC radiance at Much Music

Seems like a lifetime ago when I first saw METRIC, an epic indie rock band originally based in Toronto, play at UofT’s frosh week. Last night, all those fabulous memories of ridiculousness, unthinkable fun and la-la-land came right back standing a few feet away from the Emily, James, Joshua and Joules.

Emily of METRIC at Much Music, 2012

The ’90s are seriously coming back with so many female-fronted bands ‘reinventing’ themselves and putting out albums in 2012. METRIC, although formed in the late ’90s and not truly sporting the traditional grundge aesthetic, have the qualities of a successful, don’t-follow-the-leader type of band that I seriously can’t get enough of. Their fifth and latest studio album, SYNTHETICA, is an intricate mix of things they’ve done before as well as experimental sound that fans are bound to love.

Last night, an intimate crowd of no more than 300 people got an energetic, one-hour show at MUCH MUSIC headquarters. I got super lucky through an amazing friend to be able to get into the gig last-minute. It was great to see everyone singing along to every single one of the eights songs played, dancing, screaming, clapping and truly appreciating the band’s hard work and liveliness. Super amazing time, great set, and sweetest of all, fabulous quality performance in a civilized atmosphere for free. THANKS!!!

Last night’s set list

All images are personal

PS: Much Music crew and team are seriously hard working, passionate and dedicated people, and I greatly thank them for all the hard work last night.

DESIRE mesmerizing electronic band

DESIRE is a mesmerizing, electronic/ synth pop band signed with Italians Do It Better indie dance record label. The (somewhat) Montreal-based band is comprised of three multi-talented artists including Megan Louise (vocals), Johnny Jewel (producer, guitar and synthesizer), and Nat Walker (drums and synthesizer).

DESIRE became known to me through the soundtrack to 2011 thriller DRIVE – one of my fav movies starring Ryan Gosling. Their song, “Under Your Spell” is second on the soundtrack. Not too long ago, being a fan of Kid Cudi’s also, I realized that his “Teleport 2 Me” has a super similar beat that reminded me of “Under Your Spell”. A bit of research and, lo and behold, Kid Cudi sampled DESIRE’s “Under Your Spell”! This particular track was also featured on runways around the world. I hope that this broadens DESIRE’s listeners and fans as the band creates and produces capturing synth pop that’s easy to listen to and never disappointing.

DESIRE‘s new single, “Tears from Heaven” also tickles my musical taste and I’m sure that if you appreciate electronica or want to give it a try, you’ll be captivated by it too. Check out “Tears from Heaven” on YouTube.

Under Your Spell, Single by DESIRE

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THE ENVY: young rock band with mature sound

THE ENVY are a Toronto-based rock band with international sound and appeal. Their first break came in 2011 when they signed with SIMMONS RECORDS (Universal Music Canada). They were actually the first band to sign with the record label. SIMMONS as in Gene Simmons, kinda a big deal, wouldn’t you say? They boys also toured with KISS and you should read the few smashing reviews on iTunes.

Moving past the name dropping, not too long ago, THE ENVY held a release party for their second EP called CONCEPTION at the Mod Club in Toronto. Coming from someone who’s been to her fair-share of live music concerts of all spectrums, THE ENVY has a superiorly mature sound as well as a level of professionalism that goes well beyond what one would expect of a concert paying (only) $10 for cover!

A number of fans got the ‘Fingers Crossed’ logo tattooed. ‘Fingers Crossed’ is a song from DECEPTION EP.

My personal favourite tracks were the slower ones including COLD and UNFAITHFUL that showcase perfectly each individual band members’ talents. The show was a huge hit in my books from the music as well as professionalism perspectives. The boys take their craft very seriously and their raw passion shines through their performance, songs and sound.

As for the CONCEPTION EP, they say:

We are really proud of what came out of it, and we collectively feel like its our most best sounding, most honest work to date.

From the JOURNAL

On a complete side note and a little bit of constructive criticism to The web-site could use a touch of professional graphic design and communication strategy help including consistent colour, working pages and brand consulting; with all due respect, of course.

THE GAY NINETIES: a band, enough said

THE GAY NINETIES are a phych-metal-rock band from Vancouver, BC – honestly, I’m possessed by VanCity talent. A bit of a background about the name from Wikipedia “The Gay Nineties is an American nostalgic term that refers to the decade 1890s.” I guess the boys are as smart as they are talented, passionate and raw.

The Gay Nineties recently released their debut EP “Coming Together” on First Love Records (downloaded for free from their site). I certainly hear a musical kaleidoscope of varied influences in the four-track EP. But, overall, it’s heavily spectacular.

The vocals are piercing, the guitar and drums are nostalgic and the bass is, well, sexy.

These guys have what it takes to be better than The Black Keys (sorry for hurting whoever’s feelings) but the music they create is epic! AND, they seem to have a fabulous scenes of humour and love of mustaches.

Parker Bossley (Guitar & Vocals), Daniel Knowlton (Bass & Vocals), Malcolm Holt (Drums)

Images from The Gay Nineties Facebook page.

HANNAH GEORGAS if you haven’t heard, you will…

So, I should move to Vancouver because I’ve been inspired, captivated and madly charmed by artists, designers and free-spirits from there. So many of my latest posts have been about creative minds from VanCity. I think it’s an extremely exciting time for these artists and I truly hope they keep it up.

My latest obsession, HANNAH GEORGAS – a 2011 Juno nominee – is on the tipping point. Following Canadian artists, musicians and designers can be a delicate business. Some do well, some disappear, some just hang-out. I’ve had my eye on Hannah since her 2009 Bucky Award win for Best New Artist. None the less, hearing her latest singles, Somebody (free for download on iTunes week of Oct.15.2012), Robotic and Enemies, blew me away.

Even though there are plenty of indie-rock, soft-voiced muses out there, I feel that HANNAH GEORGAS found her voice and sound with her latest self-titled album.

Feist and the likes aren’t competition any longer, they’re comrades. Watch out for this talented beauty.

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JORDAN JOHN: Bier Markt Queensway Grand Opening

I am a sucker for live music. Having been to a fair share of concerts, finding a good gig is tough. It’s especially hard to find a fabulous live show that you can enjoy over a yummy meal.

If you’re a music fan, you have to jazz-out with JORDAN JOHN.

Yesterday, Bier Markt Queensway had a grand opening where I had a tremendous time dancing and listening to the ridiculously talented and humble Jordan John rocking out with his band and special guests including ALANA BRIDGEWATER, who has an incredibly powerful and soulful voice (she’s also a sweetheart), and a prominent blues musician, HARRISON KENNEDY. The restaurant was packed. There were a number of international food stations accompanied by an impressive beer selection. To me, the music was certainly key. The powerful sound that a band including one guitar, bass, drums, keys and horns exudes is irresistible. The vibe between the band members is also something to experience. You should see these guys loving every split second of being on stage, performing, doing what they were destined to. It’s like nothing else in the world mattered but making the sweet sound of music. Everyone in Bier Markt was tapping their feet, snapping fingers and nodding heads. What I don’t understand is why don’t people dance anymore?

Jordan has a pretty busy schedule. You can catch him regularly at numerous Bier Markt locations, which I would highly suggest. On another note, catching at least one of JORDAN’s sets before he permanently begins hanging out with MR. DAVID FOSTER is also a good reason to get out there asap. Yup, Jordan signed a 5 album record deal with the music producer tycoon after Mr. Forster saw footage of Jordan’s opening act for ARETHA FRANKLIN! Need I say more?


From The Weeknd Facebook page

To say that I’m obsessed with The Weeknd’s latest album The Echoes of Silence is a huge understatement. D.D. i.e. Dirty Diana,  is beyond amazing (no one else could’ve done a better version) and so is every single track after. Out of the trilogy, this one is the STAR. From the sound, to the soul, to the sadness, it all fits perfectly. It’s my most fav album of the year… sorry Drizzy.

DOWNLOAD THE ECHOES OF SILENCE FOR FREE.  (this link is good for mac’s too)

Now one little request is to upgrade the site to have more than just the free downloads, like your upcoming concerts…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Gaga move over, let the culture bread on pop music take over the pop music world once again. If you haven’t heard of Charli XCX or her music, you are bound to find out soon. The powerful English dark pop superstar is going far, big and now.

UK has produced yet another music talent authentic and honest to her sound, music, style which she stands true to and, hopefully, won’t sell out unlike the US music counterparts obsessed with talent shows. There are winners and there are losers, Charlie is a winner.

Her debut album may be out at the end of November 2011. For now, get hooked on Charlie XCX by downloading Nuclear Season for free.

COLDPLAY @muchmusic

I was lucky enough to go to a free Coldplay concert at 299 Queen St. W. Apart from not having to wait in a huge line, the best part was the concert itself. The Coldplay boys put on one great show! I can’t wait for Mylo Xyloto album!!!