The r/evolution of MARK FAST

MARK FAST, a Canadian-born, London-based knitwear fashion designer is a genius in a league of his own.

He is one of the only new designers praised for his genuine passion and revolutionary creativity. Mark felt a connection to knitting from the start. Without denying his adoration to this dying art-form, he single-handedly began constructing, expanding/ inventing and popularizing knitwear. This passion is clearly noted in his success. The debut of his first collection occurred only two years ago! He has since collaborated with Christian Louboutin and Swarovski, has launched a line – Faster by Mark Fast, and created a collection for UK powerhouse fashion retailer Topshop. He also created a knit sculpture for Lancome’s 75th anniversary which was unveiled during the 2010 Luminato festival in Toronto.

Mark Fast, FW 2010

 Most fascinating aspect of Mark Fast and his designs is the distance between Mark’s personality and the personality of his collections. Through interviews, I’ve noted Mark to be a humble, supple but confident and an engaging individual. His collections are flashy, strong and feminine, and sexy – with little left to the imagination.  Although Mark’s SS 2010 collection was stunning and groundbreaking, it’s shockingly impractical for an average woman. Nonetheless, he did make a statement by using plus-size models during the show. However, runway fashion should be innovative, strong, and distinct since history is made by leaders, not followers.

Mark Fast FW 2010 RTW

 I salute brilliant Mark for making knitwear – something all of us believed to be a staple in our grandmother’s closets – sexy, fashionable, creative, powerful, and a must in the 21st century fashionista’s wardrobe.

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