I caught a case of a crazy travel-mania and now planning my annual BIG trip to where I’ve never been before, Thailand this year! Big thing about travelling is that you don’t want to bring a huge suitcase that weighs as much as what’s in it. So, I always resort to duffel bags and backpacks.

HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO., a now famous Vancouver-based company, are at the top of my list for easy-to-travel-with bags and accessories.  They look stunner without being too fancy which is never a good thing while travelling as you don’t want to end up without your luggage.

Perfect travelling backpack that'll lined with HERSCHEL's signature coated cotton-poly fabric, contoured shoulder straps, fully padded/fleece lined 15" computer sleeve pocket, magnetic closure

Perfect travelling backpack that’s lined with HERSCHEL’s signature coated cotton-poly fabric, contoured shoulder straps, fully padded/fleece lined 15″ computer sleeve pocket, magnetic closure

The durable, distinct and practical design of HERSCHEL bags is accompanied by a great story of two brothers, Lydon and Jamie Cormack, starting the label in 2009 and naming it after a Canadian town that their parents immigrated to from Scotland. I have to give it to them that history is so vital is building a brand and remembering where you come from. The heritage aspect of HERSCHEL is noticeable in everything the company puts forth for the consumers.


Images from web-site and Facebook.


AMOR JEWELRY why not to love?

I’m breaking away from my recent obsession with talent from B.C. and moving onto Edmonton, Alberta where a young designer, Amor Carandang of AMOR JEWELRY, has achieved quite a following.

AMOR JEWELRY by Amor Carandang of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

AMOR JEWELRY designs fashion accessories for women and men including necklaces, earrings, and bangles. The Summer 2012 collection is perfect for a big-city dweller with refined taste but who prefers understated attention. The pieces are made of brass, copper and leather, bound together on long chains with geometric, very clean and eye-catching designs. My personal favourites are the BRASS CUFFS & RINGS that seem delicate and tasteful yet the design, which reminds me of a hex cap bolt, brings just enough of masculinity and strength.

brass cuffs & rings

I’m looking forward for the new collection and hope it’ll also be strong, edgy and clean. To contact AMOR for a custom design or to purchase one of her piece, visit Unfortunately, I didn’t find a list of stores that carry the line.

Leather arrowhead, Summer 2012 collection by AMOR

Brass link, Summer 2012 collection, AMOR

Copper plate, summer 2012 collection by AMOR

All images from AMOR Facebook page and web-site.

JENNY BIRD: accessories to be proud of

JENNY BIRD  is a Canadian accessories sweetheart. The inspiration for her collections mostly come from the streets of NYC and Toronto (where her studio is located) and her personal love of the “indie-luxe” style. Most impressive is that she’s self-taught in jewelry design which shows how far passion and dedication can take someone.

It’s admiring that Jenny’s creations have been worn by supah-stars including Anna Dello Russo and Shania Twain. Her bags and jewelry pieces have been featured in numerous magazines as well. Although in today’s fashion business environment the survival of any brand is very much defined by its success in the media, to me, Jenny Bird is defined by world-wide sexappeal together with fabulous quality and its affordability. With Jenny’s passion driving the Jenny Bird brand bus, I hope to see the accessories become a staple in every woman’s jewelry box for ages to come.

It’s certainly an accessory brand that every girl would be proud to have in her collection.

Love these Earth Angel earrings! They are just darling

Chain mail bracelet – totally fits my style

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I believe there are 3 levels of shoe aficionadas (aficionados). Level 1: Shoe crave – You no longer buy ‘basic’ shoes and begin exploring shapes and colours, you feel very comfortable wearing ‘unusual’ (to the general public) shoes in public and love it! Level 2: Shoe addict – your addiction reached a level where your shoe boxes have [a lot] of specially dedicated space, you take pride that you have a shoe for every possible outfit and/or occasion but you can’t stop buying more and save for designer pieces. Level 3: Shoeasidal – when buying shoes no longer means you need to wear them, collecting shoes becomes an addiction and an art source.

I am somewhere between Level 2 and Level 3.  Anastasia Radevich – Canadian native with international experience and an out of this world creative mind – is one designer that makes me shoeasidal.

All images from Anastasia’s Facebook


Chelsea Monogrammed Key Accent Clutch

When I fall in love with something, I HAVE to tell the world, every single friend of mine, sit on it for a while, and eventually buy it. This is exactly how I feel towards Divina Denuevo leather goods, especially the edgy leather clutches.

I think leather is one of the most fashionable, practical, long-lasting (if you take care of it) and usually looks better with age products out there.  Victoria Ronco and Dave Kelly, Vancouver-based masterminds behind Divina Denuevo, refurbish leather goods of different leather types and  jewellery antiques for their messenger bags, clutches, bracelets, wallets, key chains, and other goodies, flats including. I adore the rustic, edgy look and feel of their products and can’t wait to get a treat for myself!

Although the line isn’t carried through out Canada, you can order the affordable Divina Denuevo product online. Be prepared to be the centre of attention with this one.


* Images are from Divina Denuevo web-site