AMOR JEWELRY why not to love?

I’m breaking away from my recent obsession with talent from B.C. and moving onto Edmonton, Alberta where a young designer, Amor Carandang of AMOR JEWELRY, has achieved quite a following.

AMOR JEWELRY by Amor Carandang of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

AMOR JEWELRY designs fashion accessories for women and men including necklaces, earrings, and bangles. The Summer 2012 collection is perfect for a big-city dweller with refined taste but who prefers understated attention. The pieces are made of brass, copper and leather, bound together on long chains with geometric, very clean and eye-catching designs. My personal favourites are the BRASS CUFFS & RINGS that seem delicate and tasteful yet the design, which reminds me of a hex cap bolt, brings just enough of masculinity and strength.

brass cuffs & rings

I’m looking forward for the new collection and hope it’ll also be strong, edgy and clean. To contact AMOR for a custom design or to purchase one of her piece, visit Unfortunately, I didn’t find a list of stores that carry the line.

Leather arrowhead, Summer 2012 collection by AMOR

Brass link, Summer 2012 collection, AMOR

Copper plate, summer 2012 collection by AMOR

All images from AMOR Facebook page and web-site.