One of my beloved accessories brands originally based in Toronto, SCOUT & CATALOGUE, has moved to Vancouver. The lovely Breanna, who established the label after returning from Mexico in 2009, has decided to move back home and

I want to wish her utmost success, happiness and inspiration in one of the most mesmerizing cities in Canada and the world.

Scout & Catalogue

I always found SCOUT & CATALOGUE  an organic, peaceful yet playful label that’s perfect for women who enjoy, crave and demand freedom. I connected with it right away! Beyond the freeing aspect of S&C lies true passion and dedication to quality, design and uniqueness.


Every S&C scarf is an understated statement piece that will make any woman look like a million bucks without making her feel uncomfortable. For those who live in black, these accessories are a great way to stand out and spice things up .


Right now there’s a SALE online for many may products. Be sure to visit! Also, check our my original post on S&C here.

7758195 BS.BS.05

* All images from S&C web-site.



Simon Belanger and Jose Manuel St-Jacques and their UNTTLD fashion label are outcasts. Outcasts rule the world. They imagine, create, inspire, live and dream all in one moment of time. Reality is a concept they understand but don’t live by. There is no way to describe their talent and their work. That’s why UNTTLD is the perfect name for the label.


UNTTLD was born in Montreal but it’s word-wide. I can see how some may confuse UNTTLD with Maison Martin Maguila however, UNTTLD is an evolution, it’s a way of self-expression without consideration of others. It’s freeing for the person who wears it and for the designers who create it.

There are no rules. No names.


UNTTLD offers a deep and diverse selection of fashion comfort that anyone with a fashion sense would appreciate and find something they like. It’s the designers that inspire us to step out of our comfort zone by connecting with their clothes that are most memorable and appreciated. UNTTLD certainly enabled that within me.

Images from UNTTLD web-site.

PHILIP SPARKS humble tailor with distinct flavour

PHILIP SPARKS, a Toronto-based designer, has romanticized men’s style just enough so that it’s still very much masculine but is admired by women (me, especially). PHILIP SPARKS TAILORED GOODS INC., established in 2007, is a men’s and women’s clothing and accessories brand that’s 100% Canadian and is defined by the “nostalgic feeling, referencing vintage details and classic tailoring, but a contemporary sensibility.”

I’ve dropped into the boutique on Ossington St. in Toronto a few times, and although the atmosphere is minimalistic, the men’s clothes are anything but. Philip, as a designer and a businessman, is very aware of what his target market, the successful yet humble men, are looking for and feel comfortable in. PHILIP SPARKS, the clothing line, is classically tailored to perfection and stands out from the crowd just enough not to bring too, too much attention. I believe it’s enlightening to what men’s fashion should be: comfortable, outstanding quality and shape, distinctive but not outrageous.

I died and went to heaven when I saw these!

PHILIP SPARKS, the designer, has collaborated with DANIER –  a collection I believe to be unbelievably striking; as well as TOWN SHOES. You would wonder who benefits most from such a collaboration, after all, DANIER and TOWN SHOES are two of Canada’s major retailers and collaborating with Philip Sparks brings serious exposure for a fairly young designer. None the less, Philip’s distinct taste and vision certainly bring the right customer to the stores and definitely the revenue. So, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Every person in their right mind would want this bad as their travelling companion. Philip Sparks for Danier.

Philip Sparks, Fall 2012 Collection. Loving the understated look that will have girls’ heads turning

Philip Sparks Fall 2012 Collection. Classy with just enough to differentiate you from the crowd

Another great suit by Philip Sparks, from Fall 2012 Collection

* Image’s from Philip’s web and Facebook page and

SENTALER luxury coats

It is just right to have luxury coats designed in a city that lives for fall and winter, Toronto. SENTALER luxurious outerwear specializes in stunning, quality driven and perfectly crafted coats that are hand finished with alpaca, one of the world’s finest fabrics.

As much as I am a rock-n-roll type-a-gal, more so than not, I am drawn to elegant staples. Coats are a staple that I splurge on for a few reasons, including:

  1. it lasts longer than a season
  2. it has to complement what’s underneath and thus, should be versatile and elegant
  3. it’s worn a lot
  4. it can make you feel and look like a powerhouse.

Of course, no one says you should only have one coat but my rule of thumb is that YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE QUALITY COAT, and that means putting up a bit more cash than usual. If you’re in the market for a beautifully tailored coat that will make you happy, contemporary and confident, I highly suggest SENTALER.

Along with the beautiful designs of the Sentaler coats, comes a beautiful and intelligent designer, BOJANA SENTALER. It is truly important in any industry but in fashion especially, to have the right personality, smarts and creativity come together to form a successful business. Bojana has now been featured in a lot of magazines, TV shows and blogs but what I find most endearing about her is her personal sense of confidence and sophistication. She is a great role model for young women.

All images from Sentaler web-site.

TRIARCHY: denim for the adventurous

Even though, I haven’t (yet) worn TRIARCHY jeans, once I saw the high-rise skinnies and found out that the brand is based our of Vancouver, I had to comment.

Firstly, if any of you have ever tried a pair, please comment on how awesome and comfy they are.

Secondly, TRIARCHY has a very lovely story of three siblings from different walks of life starting a company and a fashion brand that encompasses all three visions, beliefs and passions into one.

I am attracted to Triarchy, the brand, because of the chic rock-n-roll, refined biker style that’s freeing and timeless.

Being a sucker for the edgier look, I have come across a lot of imitators of the rock-n-roll, worry-free fashion who put a cheap spin on the style. My stance has always been that just cause the idea is  that the final product looks worn in, comfortable and rough, doesn’t mean that the quality of the design and the product itself has to be compromised. Quite frankly, it’s the opposite:  to design, create and produce something brand new with a vintage, timeless and rough vibe, the quality is the number one thing. Not only that, people who live this lifestyle do not compromise on quality, believe me! Long rant short, I feel that TRIARCHY denim offers the quality that I am a sucker and, at the same time, a stickler for. From the gorgeous detailing on the back pockets to the lovely colours of the jeans from the Peru Journal collection to the classic cuts that you know you can wear on a bike and not worry about the discomfort of you-know-what showing (ladies), Triarchy just might be the to-go-to-denim for the edgier, free-spirited souls out there.

Perfect cut men’s and women’s jeans and a custom Triarchy bike – how hot is this shot?!

Trademark ‘T’ on the back pockets of the jeans – classy and luxurious

Love the dark olive / hunter green colour of the skinnies. The shot from the ‘Peru Journal’ cookbook is captivating

Images from www.triarchy,com


I’ve always been the type to go against what’s popular in fashion. Currently, colour blocking is one of my biggest pet peeves. I love colour, don’t get me wrong, but when an orange top is combined with green pants, blue shoes, neon yellow bag and a fuchsia pink belt…. I want to poke my eyes out.

On that note, I am now more attracted to neutrals, shades and earthy tones. I also jump onto clothing that’s grungy and mysterious. Mandula, a Vancouver based label with a flagship store located in the historic Gas Town, is one of my latest favourite finds.I love MANDULA for a lot of different reasons.

Firstly, the all natural fabrics feel absolutely wonderful against your skin; a brand new shirt is already comfortable. Secondly, it is mysterious, independent, unique and creative. Thirdly, it’s timeless.

To become fascinated by Mandula is extremely easy, especially if you have a chance to visit the flagship store. I spent a couple of hours browsing and trying things on. The accessories that are made from reclaimed leather and such, are an absolute treat and a definite attention grabber. The baby clothes are also spectacular. They feel like an extension of mom’s skin: soft, warm and comfortable.

One bright colour makes a bigger statement than a rainbow of colours

Mandula reclaimed leather accessory

I love this shirt, the colours, the V-neck and the cut of the fabric are wonderful

A dress I’d wear everywhere and anywhere

This is the punk rocker in me…stared at this outfit for a while

* Images form Mandula’s web-site



I believe there are 3 levels of shoe aficionadas (aficionados). Level 1: Shoe crave – You no longer buy ‘basic’ shoes and begin exploring shapes and colours, you feel very comfortable wearing ‘unusual’ (to the general public) shoes in public and love it! Level 2: Shoe addict – your addiction reached a level where your shoe boxes have [a lot] of specially dedicated space, you take pride that you have a shoe for every possible outfit and/or occasion but you can’t stop buying more and save for designer pieces. Level 3: Shoeasidal – when buying shoes no longer means you need to wear them, collecting shoes becomes an addiction and an art source.

I am somewhere between Level 2 and Level 3.  Anastasia Radevich – Canadian native with international experience and an out of this world creative mind – is one designer that makes me shoeasidal.

All images from Anastasia’s Facebook


Golnaz Ashtiani

Kudos to Canadian fashion designers. I am so proud and amazed at how much creative and realistic talent comes from this amazing country of ours!
Golnaz Ashtiani is Canada’s beautiful fashion designer behind her UK label, ASHTIANI, that was born in early 2011. Golnaz was an absolute favourite during Toronto SS2011 and FW2011 fashion weeks and rightfully so. Although not many images of her collections are available online (the site is under construction), if I could describe the glimpses of what I had seen I would sum Ashtiani as “feminine, confident, empowering, cultured, beautiful, strong, flirtatious, and famous.”
Ashtiani pieces can be found at the TNT Gallerie in Tdot where the creme of the crop of the Canadian and international fashion industry hangs.

Love the strong shoulder

ABBEY DAWN by Avril Levine

I recently found out that Avril Levine will be showing her “fashion line” during NY Fashion Week. She has a fashion line? New York Fashion Week?

Avril’s fashion line is called Abbey Dawn and it consists of everything a 14-16 year old Wal-Mart shopper would buy for triple the price. I try to be
nice but her stuff (I am sorry I can’t call it fashion or brand) is tacky. Although I have become very used to singers starting their own brands but I can’t stand the idea of Avril showcasing this audacity at the Fashion Week. Why can’t celebrities be respectful of the art of fashion and realize that just because they believe they’re ‘artists’ does not give them the right to disgrace what others work for very very hard.


DUY SS 2011

Daring classic style is how I would describe DUY – a designer out of Montreal who recently showcased just his second collection, FW 2011.

The FW 2011 collection is exactly how I would like to dress this season. I would like to wrap myself in dark, luxurious fabrics that are transformed into well-tailored pieces that are noticeable without the glitz and glamour. Classic darkness without looking goth.

Overall, I believe that DUY is truly Canadian fashion that every professional Canadian girl would like to put on every day.

DUY SS 2011