DUSHKA jewellery

DUSHKA jewellery design was established in Toronto in 1994 with deep roots in eastern Europe, specifically Belgrade, Yugoslavia.


DUSHKA jewellery, especially up close, will make you wonder how delicate ones hands must be to design and create such intimate pieces of nature-inspired art with gold and silver.  Personally, I was amazed at how intricate and real each ring, necklace and earring is.


There is also a fabulous contemporary feel that doesn’t overwhelm the natural beauty of each piece. I’ve always been a fan of oxides silver and gold, however, too often the jewellery begins to look dark and depressing rather than refined and polished. DUSHKA tastefully combines oxidized metals, precious stones and polished metals.

Images from Dushka web-site.



Now that fall is in full swing, winter is tip-toeing into our lives, and holiday season is very close, I already overheard people talking about holiday parties, Starbucks Canada has rolled out its infamous red-cup, and, admit it, you already started thinking about gift-giving. Many women, myself including, tend to purchase gifts for ourselves. REBEKAH PRICE, a Toronto-based jewellery designer with the namesake brand, is that perfect gift for yourself that you can flaunt during the holiday parties adding a lot more sparkle, colour and confidence to the warm, cozy and happy season.

Bow Tie Collar Necklace from Fall 2012 collection

REBEKAH PRICE, born in LA, studied business and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, interned with Elie Tahari, and,  in 2007, launched her line in Toronto while raising three kids. Since the launch, REBEKAH PRICE show-stopping jewellery have been featured in so many renowned magazines including Vogue, Fashion and InStyle, that I feel out of touch with the world. If I had one word to describe REBEKAH PRICE, I’d choose: Superwoman!

Rebekah Price

The rings, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, and earrings are whimsical, colourful, sparkly as well as strong, independent, statement making and a little rough around the edges, making them perfect for anyone. Although many are using Swarovski crystals, Rebekah differentiates her pieces and makes a statement by surrounding the antique sparkling delights with brass, oxidized silver, gold and rose gold (my personal favourite).

Sphinx Collar Style A, Fall 2012 Collection, Rebekah Price

One of my favourite things about the brand is the life-loving, fun and energetic attitude despite the extravagant, strong and glamorous designs that are usually associated with poshness. REBEKAH PRICE web-site blares Fatboy Slim’s remix of “I’m a Rainbow Too” by Bob Marley, which is fantastic. Most young women would, at first, feel a little intimidated looking for, purchasing and wearing daring pieces like Rebekah’s, but the energetic and laid-back song on the site makes anyone comfortable browsing and buying. I think this speaks volumes of the designer’s personality and enables the consume connect with the brand.

REBEKAH PRICE abfab pieces can be found at luxury retailers including Holt Renfrew, contemporary boutiques, and for the online shoppers, check out eLUXE.

“Betty Line Collection” by Rebekah Price was designed in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The collection in names in honour of Rebekah’s late grandmother.


Great colour combo in the Double Rivoli Necklace Style B, Fall 2012 collection

STUNNER Goth Ring, Fall 2012

Braided Fireworks Band Style B, Fall 2012 collection, Rebekah Price

Images from http://www.rebekahprice.com

ANNE SPORTUN EXCLUSIVE, part 2: custom jewellery

ANNE SPORTUN‘s design and creative process is unique, stylish and contemporary which is also embodied in her jewelry. In addition to the pieces you can find in the flagship store (742 Queen St. W., Toronto) and online, ANNE and her team also accommodate customers in one of a kind, custom jewelry. And, they have truly perfected the art of custom jewellery creation with utmost success.

Anne Sportun One of a Kind ring

Who wouldn’t adore a ring that combines the memories of your grandmother’s engagement ring, your mom’s elegant flare and your own personal style? However, looking for a trustworthy designer who can hand-hold you through the delicate process of creating something new from something sentimental is a thought not many of us are comfortable with.

Luckily, ANNE SPORTUN and her team have been assisting customers with designing pieces for their new beginnings (engagement, wedding, new job, tax-return, new wedding, divorce) for a long time. From the moment you walk into the flagship boutique, you will be accommodated by caring staff with in-depth understanding of jewelry as well as customers needs. They  are extremely accommodating, understanding and hard working. For example, ANNE SPORTUN’s team worked with a passionate, young professional on designing a ring that incorporated stones from the rings that she already owned. Completely understanding the monetary hardships of  a young professionals, ANNE’s team also credited the young woman for the precious metals in the rings that she no longer wanted (she actually got rid of all the rings from her previous boyfriends!).

Working with Anne Sportun was amazing. Fantastic experience for me the whole process. The ladies were always really helpful and always cheerful. It was a long process due to my end but they were never anything but amazing. I am really happy I had this experience with them and have an incredibly ring I havent taken off since I picked it up at their store. Couldnt have better things to say about a company.

Just one satisfied customer that was more than happy to provide feedback to me when I e-mailed her!

For those looking for the perfect engagement ring, ANNE offers something called a ‘Presentation Ring‘. The lucky guy is assisted in choosing an ANNE SPORTUN design that he believes his future wife would love. He proposes with the ring and, if the lucky girl believes that she would like something different, the couple can return to the store to either choose a different design or a custom order. Read further about the Presentation Ring on ANNE SPORTUN’s blog.

One of my favourite custom ring ideas is the “new beginnings” ring. The idea behind it being that a fashionable woman who passionately decided to move on with a new life after marriage, works with ANNE to design and create a new ring for herself from pieces of the old one! It’s brilliant to be this accommodating and understanding of today’s desires and needs of everyday women.

Ladies and gents, go mad with investing ‘portable wealth’ that will not only increase in value but will bring you joy!

Also, check out the original Anne Sportun post and Anne Sportun Exclusive, part 1.

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Images provided by Anne Sportun’s marketing team. Thank you!


Finally I found a jewellery designer that incorporates my personal and financial life-style in each and every piece. The Toronto-based, Maryan Keyhani is my jewellery pick of the year. I am blown away by the originality, artistry, boldness and self-confidence that clearly shines through each and every design created by Maryam.

There is an insightful article in the Business of Fashion about Maryan, her background and her business vision. She is actually quite a star in the media publishing world and has been written about and featured in many vital fashion glossies.

In this day and age,  most designers have all of their best goodies on display for everyone to see. As a truly original jewellery artist, one runs the risk of being copied quite easily as a result of this. Maryam has found a practical way to avoid copycats by simply requesting individuals to sign up for access to view her current/ upcoming collection online. In addition, all of the online shops that carry her jewellery, are ‘sign-up’ only, as well.

At this time, FW 2011 lookbook is available for everyone to browse and I highly suggest you do so.


Ibis Bracelet

It’s been a while since I covered a ‘rock n roll’ jewellery collection! Due to this prolonged break (and other reasons noted below), I am stoked about this post!

Harakiri Design is a Canadian gender-free jewellery line that’s rough around the edges – for all the right reasons – but gentle and meaningful
inside. The necklaces, earrings and bracelets are mostly inspired by Mother Nature herself, mostly in dead forms, with some pieces having religious inclinations (not my favourite). Regardless of the inspirations, Harakiri detailed designs can’t be messed with. One of my favourite features of the collections is the polished look and feel of certain rough designs. It’s a lovely ambiguity that will allow individuals to wear a shiny, polished shark tooth without hesitation to events that aren’t exactly appropriate for a shark tooth, per se… like work.

Mireille Boucher – the lovely designer superstar – and her work have been featured in numerous magazines and runway shows, and are gaining the respect they, oh so, deserve.


I love and am drawn to true punk rock and rock-n-roll fashion – it’s refreshingly uncaring, bold and so un-fashion like. However, I can’t see fashion surviving without basic, classic nature aspects. Every single designer has turned to nature for inspiration. Every single one of us, whether we realize it or not, is attracted to our physical world and what it has to offer, especially the wilderness. Quite often, I am drawn to pieces that resemble wilderness. I found that Aurelie Bidermann creates some of the best jewellery inspired by nature. She also has punk rock and contemporary chick inspired pieces but I am more attracted to her incorporation of butterflies, leaves, feathers and all the other nature elements.

Aurelie is a Parisian born jewellery designer who is highly respected by her peers as well as celebrities. She creates uniquely raw necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that will take every girl’s breath away. I certainly need something of hers!

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Super Fertile Jewellery, created by Kali Arulpragasam – M.I.A‘s sister, has been getting much attention, I personally believe, it doesn’t deserve.
I am all for unique, disproportional, creative and provocative jewellery, however, politically charged jewellery is beyond our imagination and speaks volumes.

Super Fertile has just released its latest collection titled Murder that includes rings, head and body accessories, necklaces and earrings themed around, guess what?… Murder. The jewellery collection is supposed to mimic hacked up body parts and especially represents the murders of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka that caused Kali’s family to flee to London. I am all for freedom of expression and creation. I also realize that artists push and break boundaries, however, when jewellery collection has such strong and emotional political inclinations, it has to be impeccably designed, created and executed. Unfortunately, Super Fertile Murder collection is nowhere close to impeccable.

Lovely thing is, Super Fertile has seven other collections, some better than others. Endangered Species, being my fav! I also have to give Kali props for having an extremely gangsta, laid back and cool  jewellery collection photo exhibits.


No surprise that I am a HUGE fan of Atelier L.A.F. I’ve been wearing their mini skull studs since April 2011… even to work, everyday!

This extremely talented brother-sister duo from Montreal built an almost too-good-to-be-true jewelry brand. Andrew Floyd, MFA Metals & Jewelry Arts and SUNY New PAltz, is the creator and designer of the jewelry. His designs are true rock-n-roll: detailed, chunky, passionate, bold, intricate and timeless. Andrew himself looks like a classic rocker: long hair, big rings and bracelets, worn jeans and big eyes.  Laura Floyd, the president, is the perfect face for the brand as she is extremely sweet, conversational and has an understated personal style that can be described as a classic, hip Montreal girl.

One suggestion to  Atelier L.A.F I would make is  their web-site desperately needs an update and continuous upkeep. Given how much I adore this brand and would like for them to achieve maximum popularity, the web-site (especially the online shop) needs a facelift as it is the international face of the company. I’ve also seen the quality and uniqueness of Atelier L.A.F jewelry that I wish everyone could see, it’s truly fabulous!

Check Atelier L.A.F on Facebook.

Earrings I cannot live without. “These Memento Mori pieces remind us of our mortality so that we may live our life to the fullest” Atelier L.A.F

* Photos from Facebook Atelier L.A.F page & Personal


I have been unable to take my eyes off of Ananda Khalsa’s tiny original paintings set in silver and 22k gold. Ananda, who is based in the States (Colorado, I believe), is a jewelry visionary who has bridged the gap between paintings and jewelry.

Ananda draws individual Asian inspired, symbolic mini paintings, sets them under glass and accents with semiprecious stones, and then creates silver and gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Every single piece is an original painting by Ananda!!! She also creates custom pieces.

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry is can be found in Anne Sportun`s Jewelry store on Queen W. in Toronto. It can also be purchased online.


As much as I try to keep In Vogue centred on Canadian fabulous things  (jewellery especially), quite often I find myself in love with many international creations. Thus,  I have to cheat on my Canadian obsession; and I have Brook&Lyn to blame.

Mimi Jung is a blogger, designer, fashion consultant, and mastermind behind Brook&Lyn jewellery collection based out of New York City. The premier jewellery collection ‘Surrounded’ is a 2 part story: Surrounded by Day – a collection with  light, summery and calming feel to it; Surrounded by Night – a collection of dark, deep and mysterious pieces. I think it’s so clever that there is a story line in a jewellery collection that just draws the consumer in, women in particular. I always look for statement jewellery pieces that are just perfectly insane enough for individuals to notice and not be sure whether they like it or not but once being surrounded by you wearing the piece, they are forced to love it. Sort of statement jewellery that grows on you. That’s what I feel like Brook&Lyn is. It’s bold, colourful, organic and new. The pieces will reach optimum popularity in the fashion world and among the everyday working ladies who aren’t afraid of being noticed. However, if you’re anything like me, you want to have that masterpiece at least a season before it clicks into the general public.

Purchasing Brook&Lyn is easy, either through the site or through shopbop.com.

* Photos from Brook&Lyn Web-Site & shopbop.com

P.S. there may be more cheating on Canadian design and designer,  I am sorry!!!!!!