LOVE JULES create leather goods differently

LOVE JULES LEATHER credit their passion for creating leather goods to isolation, being based in Whistler, B.C., and travel, including their recent trips to London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York City, and San Francisco. The journey of the creative duo, consisting of Jules and Josh, began in 2008 after Jules, a Nova Scotia College of Art and Design graduate, apprenticed with a Dartmouth leathers, fell in love with the craft, began experimenting and, like many free-spirited B.C. young souls, decided to do what felt right. And now,  “LOVE JULES has grown to where it is today a result of nothing more than passion, perseverance, and trial & (much) error.”

Custom Handcrafted Guns N’ (Victorian) Roses Boat Shoes – Cream patent print – Etched Pistols – MADE to ORDER

What caught my eye were the LOVE JULES superior distinctive boat shoes that they have coined as “Westsiders”, a play on Sperry’s “Topsiders”, and high-tops.  Each pair are easily identifiable by a simple yet unique logo at the top of the tongue, and cool personal designs that have been hand etched with a wood burning pen that won’t fade or crack like the screen print designs. Finding out that each pair is individually hand-made (with very minimal machine support) by Jules and Josh in their Whistler basement / studio was unimaginable!  None the less, this makes it easy for the customer to order whatever size, etched design or personalization they want. To see all the availability, give LOVE JULES Etsy site a go.

Josh and Jules of LOVE JULES

I contacted LOVE JULES with a few questions to incorporate in this post and because the response that I received was personal, simple and honest I had to share it.
We’d like to be known as that little rogue mountain based shoe company who does things just a little bit differently than everyone else. 
Josh and Jules

Navy & Faux Denim n’ Tan Leather Boat Shoes with etched ANCHORs – MADE TO ORDER

If you want to be known for one thing, what would it be? 
Perseverance. A lil’ nothing that became (hopefully) something. 
The ideal next 5 years for Love Jules looks like:
  • A little work-live mini-factory/ creative space here in Whistler, filled with beautiful & burly machines & a vegetable garden in the back. 
  • We’d like to produce a volume of shoes that is a lot by our standards but a drop in the bucket as far as the shoe industry is concerned. We’ll continue to design & produce in-house
  • We’ll never compromise on quality, and we refuse to get lazy. We want to be perpetually growing (creatively).
  • The ability to support the local community by actually employing local creative types would be a dream. We’re a great team, but we’re only two-strong right now. We’ve got room to grow. 
  • The connection to our customers is important, and it will always be a goal to predominantly sell/ communicate direct. Though, it would also be cool to align ourselves with some like minded retailers… maybe one in each of the cities we love. Something to give us that much reason to jump on a jet plane every now and then… 
  • Collaborations. Lots of collaborations.

Handcrafted HIGHTOP Leather Boat Shoes – Distressed Black and Purple with purple Pendleton detail and liner – MADE to ORDER

Handcrafted HIGHTOP Leather Boat Shoes – Distressed Oiled Dark Tan Cowhide & etched pistols – Dark Brown CUFF