PHILIP SPARKS humble tailor with distinct flavour

PHILIP SPARKS, a Toronto-based designer, has romanticized men’s style just enough so that it’s still very much masculine but is admired by women (me, especially). PHILIP SPARKS TAILORED GOODS INC., established in 2007, is a men’s and women’s clothing and accessories brand that’s 100% Canadian and is defined by the “nostalgic feeling, referencing vintage details and classic tailoring, but a contemporary sensibility.”

I’ve dropped into the boutique on Ossington St. in Toronto a few times, and although the atmosphere is minimalistic, the men’s clothes are anything but. Philip, as a designer and a businessman, is very aware of what his target market, the successful yet humble men, are looking for and feel comfortable in. PHILIP SPARKS, the clothing line, is classically tailored to perfection and stands out from the crowd just enough not to bring too, too much attention. I believe it’s enlightening to what men’s fashion should be: comfortable, outstanding quality and shape, distinctive but not outrageous.

I died and went to heaven when I saw these!

PHILIP SPARKS, the designer, has collaborated with DANIER –  a collection I believe to be unbelievably striking; as well as TOWN SHOES. You would wonder who benefits most from such a collaboration, after all, DANIER and TOWN SHOES are two of Canada’s major retailers and collaborating with Philip Sparks brings serious exposure for a fairly young designer. None the less, Philip’s distinct taste and vision certainly bring the right customer to the stores and definitely the revenue. So, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Every person in their right mind would want this bad as their travelling companion. Philip Sparks for Danier.

Philip Sparks, Fall 2012 Collection. Loving the understated look that will have girls’ heads turning

Philip Sparks Fall 2012 Collection. Classy with just enough to differentiate you from the crowd

Another great suit by Philip Sparks, from Fall 2012 Collection

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