PAVONI will leave you speechless


If you haven’t heard of PAVONI, shame on you! The Montreal-based designers, Gianni Falcone and Mike Derderian, create art. After constantly noting PAVONI gowns on red carpets and in magazines, it took a bit of time to figure out that the couture fashion house is Canadian. The elegantly revealing gowns are delicately sharp and superbly fitting. Most of the gowns remind of something Miss Marilyn would wear.

For the first time, I believe that pictures speak louder the words. This is the perfect way to dream and be mesmerized.



* All images from Pavoni Facebook page.


RACHEL F. conscious accessories

RACHEL F. is a captivating line of accessories based out of Montreal with global appeal of conscious production of consumer goods. Everything that RACHEL F.  creates is made from personally deconstructed vintage pieces of leather and fur. But don’t get it twisted, the final product looks and feels like a luxurious, carefully designed, brand-spankin’-new, one of a kind product. In addition, all the final pieces are locally handcrafted –  an important way to expand the existing fashion, design, textile and crafts industry in Canada.


Rachel Fortin, the designed behind RACHEL F., has created warm and cozy hats, hobo-chic purses and bags, luxurious fur collars and belts, as well as enticing earrings. The FW 2013 collection, that was inspired by the Montreal’s atmosphere in the 1970’s during the holiday season, is as authentic as it can get. When I saw a number of pieces at The One of a Kind Show in Toronto, I was instantly captivated, drawn and inspired to go back in time by acquiring a statement fur hat.

Images from Rachel F Facebook and website.

ANASTASIA LOMONOVA a fashion design rock star

ANASTASIA LOMONOVA has a unique story and a unique namesake label. Born in Ukraine, raised in Cyprus and now lives in Montreal, ANASTASIA is an enigma that’ll keep you guessing fashion show after fashion show.

One common thread since the establishment of the namesake label in 2007, has been dedication to showcasing a creative vision that’s independent of popular trends. For example, both SS and FW 2012 collections lack the widespread inclination of the overwhelming use of colour. As much as I enjoy including colour in everyday wardrobe, there’s something to be said for an impactful dress in a neutral palette that can be worn casually or dressed up with statement jewellery pieces for a night out.

ANASTASIA LOMONOVA also brings a lot of unconventional structure to her collections, mixing fabrics, playing with shapes and different shades of neutrals. Her work seems contradicting when romantic influences are combined with dark colours and flowy shapes are actually superbly structured designs. That said, the collections still feel emotional, elegant, stimulating, and created for ambitious women.

Check out the online boutique, or contact Anastasia directly for custom order pieces through her web-site.

All images from Anastasia Lomonova web-site.

CHARLOTTE HOSTEN: breaking rules, maintaining tradition

I truly can’t imagine anyone not appreciating, enjoying and loving CHARLOTTE HOSTEN jewellery. The Montreal-based designer captures imagination with original, boundless, luxurious and distinctive pieces.

When I saw CHARLOTTE HOSTEN colliers, I was reminded of a few quotes by Alexander McQueen, a man I admire because of his humble, brilliant, honest and self-proclaimed blemished nature. He’s been quoted stating: “I spent a long time learning how to construct clothes, which is important to do before you can deconstruct them”*and “You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.”**

CHARLOTTE HOSTEN pieces, to some, may seem overwhelming but they are perfectly balanced with unique beads, chains, ribbons, charms, fabrics, leather, pearls, jewels, and feathers. Each piece has a lot going on but it’s exceptionally designed and balanced because of the designer’s intimate knowledge of the basics, and innate desire to push boundaries as well as emphasis on imagination and creativity. To create prominent pieces that will be cherished for generations on end, one first has to know the basics, and then work within those basics but with progression to achieve new greatness and evolution.

To note, CHARLOTTE HOSTEN colliers are the perfect gift you can gift yourself or a friend. They will make any and every simple dress or outfit stand out. You can find certain pieces on Etsy.

* Bolton, Andrew, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, pg.30, Yale University Press, New Haven

All Images from Charlotte Hosten web-site.

DUY innovative fashion

DUY is a Montreal based label known for innovative, clean as well as sharp tailoring and design that translate into some of the most stunning luxurious ready-to-wear pieces. Duy Nguyen, the designer, was born in Vietnam and raised in Montreal where he is also headquartered.

Hello gorgeous! SS 2013, DUY

It’s simple to see why DUY is a world-class designer and label. Since its establishment in 2001, DUY has continuously evolved, delivered, maintained its key attributes, and shocked. His collections have been inspired by a wide and somewhat random selection of everything from seductiveness of the night to Daphne Guinness to youth and passion of the ocean. Personally, I’ve admired the recent incorporation of feminine and fluid patterns mixed with DUY’s traditional seductive and edgy cuts. The colour palette also seems to have gotten lighter and more diverse with the mix of pastels and brights.  

Stunningly strong silhouette inspired by Daphne Guinness. FW 2011, DUY

I would love to see more of DUY online, in magazines, and on the racks. The stunning and edgy ready-to-wear collections deserve to be flaunted by women and men in Canada and around the world. It would also be of great help to contemporary customers for DUY to become more involved in today’s influential social-media. Check out all of DUY collections since FW 2011 on the site.

From work to a party, can rock this anywhere.            SS 2012, DUY

“This time around, I pushed my boundaries by stepping outside my Femme Fatale comfort zone.” Duy Nguyen FW 2012, DUY

I can’t stop staring at this stunning outfit.          SS 2013, DUY

Flattering, elegant, sophisticated and unique.                  SS 2012, DUY

Images from

PS – Montreal is a serious driving force of Canadian world-class fashion design. Montreal Fashion Week sure is one of my fav hidden gems.