CAITLIN POWER modern sophistication in a nutshell

CAITLIN POWER, a Calgary native, established the namesake label in 2008. Now, living and working in Toronto, Caitlin has been showcasing her modern, clean and sophisticated brand during the TFW since Spring 2012, with much praise.

The round shoulders and sleeves make enough of a statement without being overwhelming. FW 2012, Caitlin Power

Every collection since FW 2010 is strong, extremely well-tailored, structured and wearable. The fine details, mix of leather, fabrics and lace, as well as patterns create extreme versatility in CAITLIN POWER‘s pieces while the strong designs empower the woman wearing them. I fell in love with CAITLIN’s modern spin on the retro and art-deco designs of her FW 2010 collection. The luxurious fabrics combined with details of leather and mysterious colours will help anyone imagine how glamorous, sophisticated and racy that era was. I would wear every single piece in that collection.

Stunning and flattering dress from FW 2010, Caitlin Power

CAITLIN POWER‘s FW 2012 is the complete opposite of FW 2010. Rather than modernizing the past, she opted to bring future to today. The collection, in comparison to the previous FW collections, has a lighter, contemporary feel that is contradicted by the industrial, robot-like presentation which is where Caitlin’s on-brand trademark leather embellishments and strong designs shine through. Also, men’s fashion was featured, which I think she nailed.

Clever twists on classic power coat and shirts. FW 2012, Caitlin Power

CAITLIN POWER, the Creative Director and the brand/ label, deserves recognition for just how applicable, wearable, authentic and creative all the collections have been. A fabulous Canadian talent and sure shines among others.

PS – I think I found my twin, we look insanely alike! I very much admire those who change, shock and live outside their comfort zone. Caitlin’s look is stunning and reflective of the brand. LOVE.

Caitlin with her new look.

Mesmerizing pants, I great alternative to the ripped jeans! SS 2011, Caitlin Power

FW 2010, Caitlin Power

FW 2011, Caitlin Power

Images from and Facebook page.